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Interesting things MUST KNOW about South Cebu Canyoneering

One of the most visited places in South Cebu and a MUST DO is the Kawasan Canyooneering. Activities included in this South Cebu adventure are extreme ones like jumping and diving, scrambling, rappelling, trekking, sliding on strong flow of water over a real ROCK slide down to...

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Want some adrenaline rush? Gotta go to the nearest extreme activity Haven!

Looking for an ideal place to gather your family on a reunion? Or have a barkada getaway? Or company team building and get high on an adventure over the weekend? We’ll no need to travel on a long drive or book for a plane ticket. Just pack up your active gears and...

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Ace Water Spa Experience: A new approach of relaxation through hydrotherapy

Tired? Exhausted? Stressed? Well, you should try what I’ve tried, a new approach of spa experience in ACE WATER SPA. I have a Canadian friend who I haven’t seen for four years. We met in a tour in Palawan year 2009. Luckily...

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Assuming you already read my review of Ace Water Spa Experience: A new approach of relaxation through hydrotherapy, I am sure you are very much excited to know more about Ace Water Spa. First thing first, since I cannot provide you photos inside, I’ll just give you a more detailed description of every sections inside...

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Spectacular romantic anniversary celebration at Ka Lui, Palawan.

Searching the most popular restaurant in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, I may say, Ka Lui is on top. Very accessible from the airport? Check! The ambiance? Perfect! Food quality? Amazing! New experience? Awesome! Who doesn’t want their anniversary to be extremely romantic and unforgettable? I think, nobody. Well, these are the things I considered in deciding...

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Ventosa / Bentosa and body massage @ Mont Albo : Quickest escape from body pain

When I was young, my grandmother was doing some traditional healing to me whenever I’m sick. This is what old people call “Bentosa”. I am thankful that many of Spa nowadays has this kind of service. Nowadays, whenever my cold is about to get worse, my body muscles especially at the back is aching severely and it’s getting harder for me to breath. I knew that there is some built-up tension or what other people called “lamig” at my back. I have proven it myself...

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Bunuatan Weaving Center: Preserving Filipino’s hard work and culture

In line with City Tour line-up, our next destination is the Binuatan Weaving Center. This is the place of hard work and perseverance of most of the palawe├▒os. Weaving is one of the main sources of their livelihood. This is the place where the raw materials are being processed to become marketable products like bag, wallet, basket, blinds, decorative stuffs and many more...

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Romantic Firely Watching in Palawan

One of the tourist attractions that caught my attention was the Firefly watching. I read reviews and asked my friend who already went there about this. She said, the ambiance is so romantic. On our Palawan Getaway Day 2, we went to Underground River in the morning and rested...

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Asian Ghost House : Featuring legendary horror characters of Asia

The first time I heard about the Asian Ghost House is in “Unang Hirit”, a morning show in GMA Network. Though I’m not fond of horror stories, it really caught my attention because it is something new to try. We went to Ocean Park as we intended to enter this interesting Horror house. For me, this horror house is unique because of the new concept.They featured legendary horror...

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Ice cream + chemistry = ISCREAMIST FUN - New way to enjoy your favorite Ice Cream!!

Craving for ice cream? How about trying a new experience while enjoying your favorite ice cream flavor? This summer season, the extreme heat of weather is killing us (yes sometimes literally) and the fun we should be enjoying. To the extent of reaching 41 degrees Celsius weather heat, we thirst for a freezing cold feeling. Seeing this video would make you want to run to this place for the foggy cool ambiance....

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