Ace Water Spa Experience: A new approach of relaxation through hydrotherapy

by - Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tired? Exhausted? Stressed? Well, you should try what I’ve tried, a new approach of spa experience in ACE WATER SPA.

 I have a Canadian friend who I haven’t seen for four years. We met in a tour in Palawan year 2009. Luckily, she will be staying in Manila for six months and so we decided to go out for a bonding. I was thinking what activities or place she hasn’t tried. What things will excite her and where is the best place I can bring her to? A place where we can freely catch up with each other, a relaxing place where we can cool down from fatigue and a place which will be a very remarkable place for her with me. Considering these things, ACE WATER SPA came into my mind. PERFECT!

 Why? Here are the reasons… 

I believe that having a traditional body massage is something that we can always try anywhere especially for her, who have been in different countries to discover new things. In Ace water spa, the massage method is through hydrotherapy which involves the use of heated water and Ultrasonic Jet System to relieve body pain, relax and soothe tired and aching muscles. 

Ace Water Spa facilities are divided into different sections for a purpose. Each has one-push button equipment which you can do it yourself and decide which you want to try first. 

There is Soft massage Section (Bubble Bed, Bubble Pool, Bubble Massage and Hydro-Acupuncture Bed), Moderate massage section (Rainfall Acupuncture, Eight Nozzle Shower, Hydro-Buoyancy Massage, Buttocks Massage, Jet Chair and Jet Chair with foot massage) and hard massage section (Head & Shoulder Massage, Water Falls, Multi-point Massage, Chest Jet Massage, Waist Jet Massage, Upper Body Jet Massage, High Pressure Massage). They also have Sauna and steam room, herbal pool/Jacuzzi, cold pool and kiddie area. You may want to know more about their facilities, their purposes and to know more on how to fully enjoy Ace Water Spa, find it out in this post: ACE WATER SPA FACILITIES AND THINGS TO KNOW TO FULLY ENJOY YOUR EXPERIENCE. 

Among all, my favorite is the Herbal Jacuzzi Area. From the very first glance, I knew that it will be a great experience for my exhausted body and mind. When you first look at it, four herbal Jacuzzi is near the sauna and steam room. Jasmine Jacuzzi has a very dramatic look which will pull you to plunge into it. It has yellow orange lighted water that portrays a very warm feeling which is very appropriate to its temperature (which is 38 degree Celsius). The jasmine scent is very fascinating added with the effect of the candle at each corner. When I went home, I felt like the smell stays in my skin. I felt invigorated. The recommended time to stay here is 2-3 minutes but we stayed here for about an hour! There is a steal barrel at each sides of the Jacuzzi where you can hold on while plunging into the heated water. The unique fact is that, this barrel has a colding technology that cools down your body and longer your tolerance while immersing in the hot water. Cool! Beside the Jasmine Jacuzzi is black colored water (I’m not sure if it’s black or dark blue, because there is no light effect under the water). This is the Lavender Jacuzzi with the temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. This is good for diabetic, insomniac and anyone who would like to be energized. The lavender scent keeps the skin soft and smooth which I noticed. Sadly, when we went there, Mint Jacuzzi was unavailable. It was under construction. Even though! The experience was still priceless! 

Another thing that completes this spa is the Steam and Sauna room. Sauna and steam is one way to detoxify our body. It removes excess water and fats from the body. Our skin cleanses as our pores open and release trapped dirt and oil. In between the mint Jacuzzi and lavender and Jasmine Jacuzzi, there is a mini pool where water is cold. This is the fastest way to cool down after using the hot herbal pools, steam or sauna. Contrast Therapy Plunge is a special hydrotherapy experience wherein an alternate plunging into the hot herbal pools and cool pool takes place. Great! Totally relaxing! Rejuvenating! 

Afterwards, we decided to get floating foam and lay down on it while allowing ourselves to go with the water flow around the pool with Lazy River. We fell asleep for about half an hour. It was actually a perfect timing for us because there was no crowd and we had a very peaceful stay in ACE. 

For more information, entrance fee, must wear and tips, you may read: ACE WATER SPA FACILITIES AND THINGS TO KNOW TO FULLY ENJOY YOUR EXPERIENCE. 

                                   - BE SASSY – BE ZEALOUS - 

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