Asian Ghost House : Featuring legendary horror characters of Asia

by - Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The first time I heard about the Asian Ghost House is in “Unang Hirit”, a morning show in GMA Network. Though I’m not fond of horror stories, it really caught my attention because it is something new to try. We went to Ocean Park as we intended to enter this interesting Horror house. For me, this horror house is unique because of the new concept.They featured legendary horror characters of asia such as sadaco, ghost, Chinese vampire, the meat loving Butcher, Zombie, Cheongsam and Count Dracula. They are really creepy!
The horror house runs from Oct. 2,2012 to Nov.3,2012 - Thurs - Sat. We visited the site on its last day, November 3, 2012, Saturday night.


Metrodeal rate: P350.00 - Including Drinks in Liquid Pool and Lounge
Inquiry through Phone: P 350.00 – (including entrance and picture)
On site rate: We asked the person in photo booth and he advised us that buying entrance ticket and paying for a photo separate would be cheaper.

Entrance Ticket: P 200.00
Photo:                  P 100.00
TOTAL:                 P 300.00

We only bought one copy of picture so we spent a total of P 500.00 for Asian Ghost House instead of P 700.00 .
Here is the picture

How was the experience inside the Horror House?
Along the way to Ocean Park, I am totally excited to see the Asian Ghost House. I am afraid to miss the experience because this is the last day they will run for this year. Surprisingly, upon entering the door of the Ghost house, I suddenly felt nervous and I stepped back. The staff who will be escorting us to the way hindered me. He said, he will be accompanying us until the end. He also said that there is no touch policy inside. Characters wouldn’t touch us and we shouldn’t touch them too. Okay, I have no choice but to proceed. Whoow! As expected, there is nothing I did but to scream the whole time. I didn’t even see the faces of those characters I longed to see. I am not neurotic actually; I am so “magugulatin talaga”, super! I keep on screaming “Mommy!! Mommy!! And then I have an alternate dialogue. “Kuya!!! Stop it please!!! Ayoko na!! Ayoko na!!”. And then I also said this. “Please stop it! I have a heart illness!”
Haha..I said it to convince them to stop scaring us. But hello! I just realized after that they will won’t because that is their job. The louder the visitor scream, the more effective they were.

At the end door, I still keep on screaming until I noticed that the place is different and there are people walking calmly. It is the Liquid Bar! The horror house set-up is very brilliant. It is just like a long thrilling journey that will end up into a hidden Paradise, a party area with the stroke of aquatic scenery, laser like lights and rocky walls.

See more about Liquid bar and Lounge at Ocean Park

To sum it up, we really got what we paid for, for a P200.00 entrance fee. For such quick yet thrilling experience, we ended up the October and welcomed November sensibly.

Happy haloween!!

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