Spectacular romantic anniversary celebration at Ka Lui, Palawan.

by - Saturday, January 18, 2014

Searching the most popular restaurant in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, I may say, Ka Lui is on top.
Very accessible from the airport? Check! The ambiance? Perfect! Food quality? Amazing! New experience? Awesome! Who doesn’t want their anniversary to be extremely romantic and unforgettable? I think, nobody. Well, these are the things I considered in deciding what is the best restaurant to spend our double celebration in Palawan. It should be the best! Since our event is extra special because we are celebrating two life events; Our “commitment renewal” and the wedding anniversary of two people very dear to us. Originally, the plan was specifically for Pastor and Ate Aiza’s surprise wedding anniversary dinner. That day was very tiring because we went to underground river tour. By night, we prepared for a firefly watching and dinner. Miel went out ahead of us to buy flowers for ate Aiza while the three of us headed to Ka Lui.

Here is the front restaurant of Ka Lui.

The unique thing about this restaurant is, it is a foot baring restaurant. You have to leave your footwear in their small locker. Cool!

Please bear in mind that you need to make a reservation before going here. Like what we did, 3 weeks ahead of our trip, just to make sure. They rarely have vacant table for walk-in. Remember that this restaurant is really famous so don’t take a risk to go here without giving them a call for reservation.

We asked to move to a floor sitting table just for something new and the feeling that it is more romantic, in my opinion.

The Ka Lui’s Ambiance:
Just like what I’ve said, one big factor to make a date a romantic one is the ambiance. Ka Lui’s interior gives us a homey feeling plus the fact that we were bear footed and eating in a floor sitting table. The interior is built with wooden material. The bamboo “papag”, wooden table, throw pillow and curtain,

I can feel the simplicity of life in rural while the food is always abundant due to their agriculture. The light effect is perfectly mellow. The floor is smooth to my feet. Even the comfort room is spotless!

Paintings hanged on the wall makes this corner like a painting gallery exhibit. Very artistic!

The Food
Here are the food we ordered:
Mouth watering filipino cuisine.

The service
Part of their service is,they are providing a complimentary desert. Sweet! Mixed fruits in coconut bowl. Well in terms of customer service, honestly, that is the only thing which is not so good. In our experience, the waiter is some kinda snobbish and we waited so long for him. Setting aside this issue, Ka Lui is still the best. Hopefully, they will improve on this matter.

Overall, I am marking Ka Lui as the most romantic spot for me and for Miel in Palawan (hope that Ate Aiza and Pastor does too). Oh how I love this restaurant ever. It failed me not with our surprise to them plus the fact that I myself was also surprised. This goes beyond my expected night. Love is really in the air!!!

For Reservation, call 639287539621 or (048) 4332580.
Ka Lui is located along Rizal Avenue Puerto Princesa City Palawan. 

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