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Assuming you already read my review of Ace Water Spa Experience: A new approach of relaxation through hydrotherapy, I am sure you are very much excited to know more about Ace Water Spa. First thing first, since I cannot provide you photos inside, I’ll just give you a more detailed description of every sections inside.


 In Soft Massage section, there are: 

Bubble Bed where you can lay down comfortably on the designed bubble bed to fully feel the air and bubbles emitted on the surface through small holes as it slightly beats down your back, buttocks and feet. 

Bubble Pool which effectively massages the temporal pressure points specifically on the back portion of the legs and hip area. 

Bubble Massage which has an effect of "feel good all over" after bathing as air combined with warm water comes out on holes at the floor surface that massages the body. 

Hydro-Acupuncture Bed which produces the effects of acupuncture that allows a person to enjoy the pricking sensation through the use of high pressure warm water with air coming from the tiny holes within the bed surface. 

In moderate massage section, there are:

Rainfall Acupuncture best enjoyed when lying face down wherein million raindrops with various intensities gently massage every part of the body. 

Eight Nozzle Shower which is designed as an alternative way of cooling down after using the hot herbal pools, steam and sauna if you do not want to use the cold pool. 

Hydro-Buoyancy Massage which uses a jet driven water from the bottom that creates suppleness to build a floating sensation especially when combined with breathing exercises. 

Buttocks Massage – In which water pressure gushes out on the surface which hits and rubs down the buttocks while sitting comfortably. 

Jet Chair which water pressure gushes out directly towards the meridian points of the body to eliminate stress and at the same time loosens up tight muscles in a sitting position. 

Jet Chair with Foot Massage which water pressure gushes out directly towards the meridian points of the body while simultaneously receiving foot massage in a sitting position. 

In hard massage section, there are: 

Head & Shoulder Massage -The water coming from the equipment strongly hits the upper portion of the body. 

Water Falls - The surging water from the falls strikes in all parts of the body largely on the upper portion. 

Multi-point Massage - The surrounding wall towers with water nozzles injects variety of water pressure that massages different parts of the body. 

Chest Jet Massage which is best relished in a squatting position to fully feel the water presure that strikes directly towards your chest. 

Waist Jet Massage is system that uses high and low water jet nozzles that produces strong water pressure. Upper 

Body Jet Massage - Rigid water pours down from the elevated jets rubbing down the upper parts of the body. 

This Massage system is NOT RECOMMENDED for those with osteoporosis. 

High Pressure Massage - This system uses high and low water jet nozzles that produces strong water pressure. 

Hot Herbal Jacuzzi: 

Mint Jacuzzi - With a temperature of 36 ‘C 
Jasmine Jacuzzi – With a temperature of 38 ‘C 
Lavender Jacuzzi – With a temperature of 40 ’C 

Sauna and Steam Room: 
The Steam and Sauna will remove excess water and fats from the body. As you step outside in this area, the cool and misty natural fog that is sprayed in the area will surely complete this heavenly ambiance.

 Other Sections are: Cold Pool This is the fastest way to cool down after using the hot herbal pools, steam or sauna. Contrast Therapy Plunge is a special hydrotherapy experience wherein an alternate plunging into the hot herbal pools and cool pool takes place. Lapping Pool Approximately 25m 4-lane swimming pool is ideal for swimmers and soon-to-be swimmers to practice their "winning" strokes. 

Kids Section - With mushroom falls, Floor fountain, Bucket Splash and Lazy River. 

 The view from couch area:

Upon entering the hotel lounge you will see this:

Best to try their Hot bowl of Asian Beef Congee in Ace Coffee Lounge

Now that you already have an idea on what to expect inside, you may want to ask how much would it cost us to get inside. 

ENTRANCE FEE: (Inclusion of 4 hours use of amenities, a locker and a head cap)
P550.00 - Adult 
P250.00 - Kid (4 ft. & below) 

Proper Attire: 
Only tight bathing suit for ladies and trunks or cycling shorts for male are allowed. Branded swimming board shorts or beach shorts will not be allowed since these have the tendency to inflate because of the strong water and air pressure generated during hydrotherapy. Wearing of undergarments or shirts on top of our swimwear is also prohibited. However, you may opt to rent or purchase quality swimwear at very reasonable prices at Ace Swim Shop. (As per Ace Water Spa rules and regulations). Don’t forget to bring your own towel. 

You must take a shower first before proceeding to the spa area of your choice. 

Enjoy and relax! 

                            - BE SASSY – BE ZEALOUS -

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