The Art of doing Nothing! - Sunset Viewing at Las Cabanas, El Nido Palawan, Philippines

by - Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Finding a relaxing place to watch the sunset, sooth tired feet with sands and feed our famished spirit at NO COST!, we found Las Cabanas Beach, El Nido. If you are travelling in a budget in El Nido and you want to experience this kind of "lola mode / chill mode" kind of vacation, go to this place!

After a long ride of 5 hours from Puerto Princesa to El Nido, we finally reached our accommodation at 3:00 PM in Corong-Corong El Nido. We decided to maximize the remaining hours of the day so we rushed to Las Cabanas Beach.

The view

Las Cabanas El Nido Palawan Philippines --

The water is so clear. The seashore is curvy, watching the water wave is so relaxing. The sound of the breeze blowing the tree leaves is calming. We can see zip line connecting Las Cabanas beach to another island from afar.
We noticed most of the people there seem to be from Europe. They are really enjoying the place. Some are just reading books, some are just laying and getting their skin tan, some are partying!

Las Cabanas El Nido Palawan Philippines --

I was so amazed how this simple kind of environment becomes a paradise for some and knowing that they are from the other part of the world, they were able to find this very good place of ours. I hope, more of us Filipinos will be able to enjoy this as well. For real, it is more fun in the Philippines!

Las Cabanas El Nido Palawan Philippines --
The art of doing nothing at Las Cabanas El Nido, Palawan Philippines

Chilli'n at the beach with Mango Shake!
Las Cabanas El Nido Palawan Philippines --

There is a Sun Bar at one end with this witty signage!
Sun bar El Nido

Sun bar El Nido

The Sun Bar is owned and being managed by a Japanese man!

Las Cabanas El Nido Palawan Philippines --

Small cottage in front of Sun bar in the seashore.
Las Cabanas El Nido Palawan Philippines --

I noticed that some drunken people partying in the water near the bar side left their beer bottles floating in the water and I really felt disappointed. So my husband picked up some floating things and throws them away from the shore.

Just a reminder to everyone that whenever we have a chance to get the benefit of enjoying beautiful places, please be disciplined and responsible enough to put things in proper places, waste on the waste bin and put back whatever taken. Mother-nature is so generous to us and so let’s be nice to her in return.

 Me and my husband enjoying the beach!

Las Cabanas El Nido Palawan Philippines --

Las Cabanas El Nido Palawan Philippines --

How to get to Las Cabanas Beach:

Most of the tours in El Nido Palawan are well arranged in packages like Tour A, B, C and D.
On the other side, you can also do a roaming on your own by taking a walk or a tricycle ride. One of the best sights in Corong Corong, El Nido is the Las Cabanas Beach. 

Just ride a tricycle, walk down the stairs from the main road to beach, find your perfect spot, sit down and relax! No Entrance Fee! (We walked going back to accommodation for 15 minutes!)

Stairs down to the beach from Main road
Las Cabanas El Nido Palawan Philippines --


Located about 3 km south of El Nido town, Las Cabanas Beach Resort (Private resort) is set on a headland offering a panoramic view of the outlying islands with quiet and secluded beachfront cottages.
If you are staying in El Nido town proper, just ride a tricycle to Las Cabanas.

Note: Tricycle drivers have their own laminated tour destinations options with rates like Las Cabanas, Nacpan Beach, Falls and etc. To Nacpan beach, you’ll need to pay P 1,500.
Since we are staying in National Road 4 near corong-corong, the standard tricycle fare to Las Cabanas is P 150. We tried to haggle and got it for P 100.

Let not your limited budget hinders you to do whatever you want, go wherever your feet will bring you, taste whatever your tongue desires, experience what you haven't and discover the unseen. You can do anything through proper planning, budgeting and wise promo hunting! Remember that you can always... Live life to the fullest Smartly! 


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