Having an unplanned travel is a pain - Lesson Learned!

by - Saturday, December 03, 2016

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail" This applies not only in exams but also in traveling.

When we first went to Cebu last 2012,  we don’t have a prepared itinerary, in short, we don't have any plans.

Here are the disadvantages and regrets we had:

1.     We didn’t maximize our time there on our first day. We were expecting that upon arrival to the hotel, there will be travel agencies that would offer tours just like in Palawan and Boracay. Unfortunately, there was none. So we decided to go out on our own via cab.

2.    We spent much time in deciding where to go first and how. On the spot researching is hassle.

3.     We exceeded to allot budget. Since, we didn’t have a prepared itinerary. We don't know where to go first and which is the nearest from our point. That lead us to doubled transportation cost. We arrived at 8 AM in Mactan then rode a cab going to the hotel in Cebu City. Our taxi bill costs P 260 plus, so we gave P 350. Then later on, we went back to Lahug for food hunting. Whereas, we can ride a multi-cab from Mactan airport directly to IT park Lahug for a minimal cost of basic jeep fare.

Anyway, that was just a sort of learning through experience. Below is our Itinerary. And I realized that in our 3 days stay in Cebu, there should be more experiences and activities than we had. It’s just that, we did not plan, we did not research and we did not consult a travel expert or travel agency.

To summarize that experience, we waste money, time and chance to explore more! Lessons learned!

Here is our Itinerary:

Day 1:
Arrival at Mactan Airport
Duty Free Shopping
Arrival to Crown Regency
Food Trip at The walk, Asia Town I.T Park Lahug, Cebu City
Swimming at Crown Regency
Sky walk Experience
Day 2:
Crown Regency breakfast Buffet
Beach hopping
Mactan and Cebu City Tour
Food trip at night
Day 3
Crown Regency Breakfast Buffet
Departure from Mactan, Cebu

This coming March 2017, I and my husband will be flying to Cebu again. And of course, this time we have a bucket list in hand! (Lesson learned!)

To make it happen, I've been eyeing for the perfect help we can get from South Cebu Travel and Tours Services.

Reasons to consider on availing a Travel and Tours Services

In some cases, It’s best to do DIY or do it your own itinerary (the list of destinations, activities, adventures and timeline) you want to do in your most awaited travel vacation! Just like what we did in our Palawan Getaway.

But there are also cases that it will be a big relief for us travelers to get assisted by a travel expert or by a travel agency.

There are several reasons why I am considering getting a reliable travel agency that can help us on our next Cebu Trip:

1.  Having a travel agency assisting you to your travel plan is like leaning in a solid block while you are patiently waiting for the travel date stress free. Everything will be provided including the itinerary, time management, coordinating with the hotel, land, air and boat transfer (if applicable), suggested restaurant to dine and other must see places to visit in your preferred tourist destination. All you have to do is to contact reserve and wait for the travel date!

2.  If you are a "busy bee" like me. (Work, Work, Work), availing a travel and tour services will help us save efforts to do research on navigation, best place to go, best place to eat etc.

3.  It’s just like as easy as 1,2,3! Having a travel agent will help you list all the recommended sites and adventures to see and try. All you have to do is to add the chosen destination or activity in your shopping cart! (As fast as your online shopping) and your travel agent will then customize the itinerary according to what you need.

4.  Another thing I am considering is, since will be allotting ONLY 3 precious days of our vacation for this tour and I am concern about how to navigate from one destination to another, I think, it will be more convenient for us not to mind that!. I want a sitting pretty travel and I don’t want to be bothered by which public transportation will take us to wherever. And so! All I want is a worry free vacation this time to maximize the days and maximize the places we can see in 3 days.

We’ll as a travel enthusiast, making sure that every penny we pay is real worth! So the best thing to do is to settle for the best! Best travel Agency that will assist us from departure up to end of a happy travel story. Speaking of worth, I did a research for travel agencies or tour operators in Southern Cebu that will definitely give us the value of what we will pay for.
If you are like us who wanted a worry free, flexible, reliable and very accommodating Travel agency and tour operator in Southern Cebu, Please also see my review of my eyed provider:

LINK: Recommended Travel and Tours in Southern Cebu : MCDC Travel and Tours

Also must read : 

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Let not your limited budget hinders you to do whatever you want, go wherever your feet will bring you, taste whatever your tongue desires, experience what you haven't and discover the unseen. You can do anything through proper planning, budgeting and wise promo hunting! Remember that you can always... Live life to the fullest Smartly! 


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