South Cebu Travel Bucket List : You'll miss half of your life not seeing them!

by - Saturday, December 03, 2016

Must know about Cebu

Aside from the flavorful history of Cebu City Philippines, it is also popular destination among Filipino's and also among foreigners because of the interesting places to visit.

Wonder where the name Cebu is derived? It was known back then as “Zebu which is derived from a malay word "Sebu" which means "place of abundance"

Cebu is 600 km away from south of Manila and bounded by Mactan on the east, Toledo City and Asturias and Balamban on the west, Mandaue City and the town of Consolacion on the north and Talisay City and the town of Minglanilla on the south.

Cebu is called as Queen City of the South , but little did we know, the Queen of the south itself has its own queen. "The south of Cebu"

I've been to Cebu and fell in love with numbers of prestige beach resorts in Mactan like Shangri-la Mactan Resort and Spa, Plantation Bay Resort and Spa, Palm Beach resort, Hadsan Beach Resort and more. 

We visited some of the well known tourist destinations in City proper and nearby like Ayala Center Cebu, Magellan's Cross, Alegre Guitars, the maker of Cebu's World-Class Guitars, Taboan Public Market and most of the time we did food hunting!

But just recently, I've been hearing and seeing a lot of good feedback about the other part of Cebu we have not seen. The South of Cebu!

Malapascua, bantayan, Dalaguete!! Name them all!!! You will never regret finding these paradise beaches in Cebu alone!
Then I get curious and immediately searched those good noise and boom! I end up booking a flight ticket to Cebu again. Here are the following exciting sights and experiences I am looking forward to!

South Cebu Travel Bucket List:

South Cebu Bucket List No 1 - Sumilon Sandbar

Oslob was a simple ordinary town until the explosive popularity of sandbars and whale sharks in this part of South Cebu.

Most of the picture perfect views like this can only be seen in magazines, TV, internet and in your dreams! But hey! That's not true! The truth is, this is just 15 minutes away from Oslob via motor boat and P50 deduction from your pocket (Disclaimer : Entrance Fee only).

Actually, Sumilon is a privately owned island where Blue Water Sumilon Island resort is dwelling.
Though it’s a private resort indeed, resort owner allows backpackers or non-resort guest to stay at the sand bar for a minimal fee.

A sandbar is an area of sand that sits above the water. It may be connected to the shoreline, or it may be offshore. It is generally narrow straight. A sandbar is also known as a shoal or sandbank. A large sandbar is called a barrier island. Sandbars begin forming underwater. As waves break, this pulls material  from shoreline , migrating  further into the ocean. During heavy storms, large waves can build sandbars far  from shore, until they rise above the water's surface  and created  beautiful scenery like this.

It makes me more excited!

South Cebu Bucket List No 2 -  Whale Shark encounter in Oslob Cebu:

Shark? Yes Shark! Sounds terrifying? Yes! Am I scared? Yes! Is it exciting? 100% Yes!! Like the saying goes, face your fear! Anyhow, for safety measures, I've done slight research on the whale sharks and their behaviour.

Whale Sharks are known as "gentle giants" as they are really gigantic yet gentle and harmless though they don’t seem like they are. The largest fish in the ocean, whale sharks are as big as a school bus, with mouths like garage doors with over 3,000 teeth in their gigantic mouths. Why we can say that whale sharks are harmless? Because they don’t bite and they don’t chew, despite of having more teeth than a five-pound bag of combs.

They are actually filter feeder which means, they eat the smallest creatures in the ocean. How they eat? When they open their mouth, about 1500 gallons of water an hour are filtered through their gill rakers - where microscopic plankton, krill, shrimp, algae and fish eggs are being trapped.

Enough of National Geographic information overload here! Let's go back to Oslob cebu!

One of the most visited attraction in Cebu is the barangay of Tan-awan which is 10Km away from town proper of Oslob Cebu, where the famous whale shark encounter can be experienced. It all began when some of the tourist saw the fishermen's interact with the whale shark by feeding them. Then huge number of tourist began arriving continuously. Whale Shark watching started last September 2011 and became viral all over the world wide web, hits the news and attracts tourist all over the world. They are coming not only to see whale shark but to experience snorkelling and diving with them.

How interesting isn’t it? I can’t wait to personally meet them!

South Cebu Bucket List No. 3 – Binalayan falls
Binalayan falls is the hidden falls in Samboan Cebu. It is also known as the Triple Drop Falls because of the three columns water flowing from above directly falling into a single catch basin. It is located in barangay Bonbon just 5 minutes away from Aguinid falls.

South Cebu Bucket List No. 4 – Osmeña Peak

If Bohol has the well loved chocolate hills, South Cebu has the magnificent view of Osmeña Peak. This is the highest point in the island of Cebu which allows tourists to witness the stunning site of pointy cliffs with a touch of sea view in a distance. The hills have sharp protruding peaks. Osmeña Peak is located in Barangay Mantalongon, in the Municipality of Dalaguete, Cebu, Philippines. Dalaguete is about 85 kilometers from Cebu City (2.5 – 3 hours away). The South Bus terminal is about 30 mins - 1 hour away from the Mactan-Cebu International Airport. The peak are of Osmeña is actually privately owned. Anyone who enters the area and the campsite down the peak will need to pay P 20.00. The campsite has toilet and bunkhouse available for a fee.

On top of Osmeña, you’ll get a 360 degree view of South Western Cebu and Negros Oriental.
Best season to climb the peak in the first half of the year to avoid wet and slippery rainy season.

South Cebu Bucket List No. 5 – Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls in Badian Southern Cebu is a three hours bus ride from Cebu City located inside the mountains of Barangay Matutinao, Badian. The refreshing view of this natural spring water falls and the gentle lush of the trees will complete your Kawasan Journey.
 From the entrance it’s a 1.5 killometers walk to get to the first waterfalls. Along the way, souvenir shops are selling accessories such as beaded necklaces, bracelets, and shirts.

South Cebu Bucket List No. 6 – Cliff Diving at Pescador Island

One of the most interesting destinations in South Cebu is the Pescador Island! It’s one of the best diving spots in the Philippines. From the photo itself, It shows how prosperous Pescador Island underneath! It’s a home of millions of fishes and lively corals and I am so much excited to witness it personally. It is located in Moalboal. Here is where 2,500 species of marine life live and where you can witness  the what they call Sardines Run.

South Cebu Bucket List No. 7 – Sardine Run at Pescador Island!

South Cebu Bucket List No. 8 – Snorkeling at Pescador Island!

South Cebu Bucket List No. 9 - Mainit Spring

Different kind of pool experience out there! Yet, it’s water is from natural spring! Plus its instagramable!
The temperature of the four hot springs range from 35.8°C to 42.6°C. According to the locals, the hot pools have therapeutic effects on the skin, the nervous system, and other vital organs. It is also believed that bathing in hot springs can kill harmful germs as well as eliminate toxins from the body. It perfect to enjoy followed by a very soothing body massage by the locals for a minimum fee. It is located in the town of Malabuyoc.

South Cebu Bucket List No. 10 – Turtle Bay

Encounter Turtle in real life at Moalboal!

South Cebu Bucket List No. 11  – White beach Moalboal

Moalboal is a small town on the West side of Cebu Island in the Philippines - famous for it's world class diving, resorts and beaches. It is considered by many to be the "hidden gem" of diving destinations in Asia. White Beach is a short ride away from Panagsama and is a nice quiet beach that is frequented by locals (especially on the weekend!). White Beach is slowly being more developed every year. You'll find several resorts in the area perfect for relaxing.

South Cebu Bucket List No. 12  – Lambug Beach Badian

This place is considered as one of the hidden beaches in the southern part of Cebu – Lambug Beach in Badian, Cebu. It has a long coastline of white dust like sand, clear waters and which you could also experience catching up both the sunrise and sunset. The place is still under develop so you can’t see any high-end resort in the area, but it has many rentable cottages or kioks and room’s to rent along the shoreline.

South Cebu Bucket List No. 13 – Inambakan Falls
One of the most beautiful falls in South Cebu. 130 km going South away from Cebu City and 3 hours travelling time. Take a (Ceres) bus bound for Bato via Barili in South Bus Terminal. Tell the conductor to drop you off at Ginatilan and ride a habal-habal (motorcycle) going to Inambakan Falls.

South Cebu Bucket List No. 14 – Kawalan Canyoneering

Extreme adventure haven in South Cebu! Most of the tourists from all over the world, a must-experience activity! Canyoneering starts at Alegria. This includes heart pumping jumping and diving from cliffs and death defying water slide from above the rocks and ending with a super relaxing beautiful view and cool waterfalls in Kawasan falls. A really MUST TRY extreme activity in SOUTH CEBU!

Hope you had now an idea on HOW EXCITED I AM to explore the Queen of the South! 
Let's Rock and hit them all and besides, it's not expensive as you think at all!

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