South Cebu Itinerary : Affordable and flexible package!

by - Saturday, December 03, 2016

Really looking forward to see the South Cebu's finest travel destinations. (South Cebu Travel Bucket List : You'll miss half of your life not seeing them!I've tackled in this post the pain we encountered by not preparing for our previous travel in Cebu years ago (Having an unplanned travel is a pain - Lesson Learned!) and so I came to a point of considering getting a very reliable travel expert on my next travel to South Cebu. (Reasons to consider in getting a reliable and affordable travel and tour provider)

We have researched one of the most recommended travel and tour agencies in south Cebu based on Badian, Cebu. MCDC Travel and Tours.(See detailed review of MCDC)

Just giving you a glimps of the recommended destinations and activities to maximize our 3 days South Cebu Tour!

South Cebu Sample 3 days 2 nights Itinerary and package from MCDC Travel and Tours

Number of days : 3 days

Accommodation: FREE 
Tourist inn: Ging Ging tourist inn
Location: Badian town
Homestay: Ate dolor homestay
Location: Badian town
Transportation: FREE (Pick up and drop off)


SUMILON SAND BAR Inclusions:√entrance fee√Bangka fee√Entrance fee √Tour guide
WHALE SHARK ENCOUNTER- Inclusions:√Lifevest √Snorkling Gear √Bangka fee √Entrance fee

BINALAYAN FALLS Inclusions:√Entrance fee √tour guide √Parking
MAINIT SPRING - *entrance fee  *tour guide

OSMEÑA PEAK √Entrance fee √Tour guide


Inclusions: √bangka fee √Lifevest √snorkling gear √guide fee √sardines run √turtle bay(if show up)
√coral encounter

Inclusion: *helmet *lifevest *entrance fee *habal habal fee *tour guide *meal *dry bag *water
Inclusions: √bamboo rafting √entrance fee √tour guide √lifevest


CITY TOUR - Places to visit: Tops(free entrance)

Temple of Leah(free entrance)

Sirao Farm(free entrance)

Taoist Temple

Magellan's Cross
Basilica de Sto Niño Church
Hope you had now an idea on HOW EXCITED I AM to explore the Queen of the South! 
Let's Rock and hit them all and besides, it's not expensive as you think at all!

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Consult your Travel expert in South Cebu

Brought to us by : MCDC Travel and Tour Agency based in Badian South Cebu, Philippines.

For Inquiries: Please call or text : 09153901401
Facebook: MCDC Travel and Tours
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Let not your limited budget hinders you to do whatever you want, go wherever your feet will bring you, taste whatever your tongue desires, experience what you haven't and discover the unseen. You can do anything through proper planning, budgeting and wise promo hunting! Remember that you can always... Live life to the fullest Smartly! 


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