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by - Saturday, December 03, 2016

We’ve been eyeing for the best travel agency that will help us enjoy our 3-days’ vacation in Southern Cebu. We usually do DIY Tours but this time we want to maximize the time, destinations and activities we can enjoy by minimizing the worries.

I've listed several reasons we consider why we need a travel and tour services in South Cebu travel experience below!

1.  Having a travel agency assisting you to your travel plan is like leaning in a solid block while you are patiently waiting for the travel date stress free. Everything will be provided including the itinerary, time management, coordinating with the hotel, land, air and boat transfer (if applicable), suggested restaurant to dine and other must see places to visit in your preferred tourist destination. All you have to do is to contact reserve and wait for the travel date!

2.  If you are a "busy bee" like me. (Work, Work, Work), availing a travel and tour services will help us save efforts to do research on navigation, best place to go, best place to eat etc.

3.  It’s just like as easy as 1,2,3! Having a travel agent will help you list all the recommended sites and adventures to see and try. All you have to do is to add the chosen destination or activity in your shopping cart! (As fast as your online shopping) and your travel agent will then customize the itinerary according to what you need.

4.  Another thing I am considering is, since will be allotting ONLY 3 precious days of our vacation for this tour and I am concern about how to navigate from one destination to another, I think, it will be more convenient for us not to mind that!. I want a sitting pretty travel and I don’t want to be bothered by which public transportation will take us to wherever. And so! All I want is a worry free vacation this time to maximize the days and maximize the places we can see in 3 days.


After several researches, I found MCDC Travel and Tours. Based on observation on the feedback they received from clients, it seems that the owner Maricor is very accommodating, super nice and friendly. I can see that she and the MCDC Travel and Tours team let the clients feel they are at home!


Isn’t she sweet? See how she expresses her longing for her guests she considered as family.

She never forgets to thank her client and documenting some of the lovely photos she got!
She is well loved and appreciated by clients.

Haha, Yes! I really played like a stalker reviewing intensively each feed backs on her wall. Actually that is the main consideration I have in choosing a travel agent. Firstly, since I want “good vibes” during our vacation, I don’t want a snobbish guide of course (who does anyway!)I want a friendly one and accommodating! She is free spirited! She is very hands on, and I can see her going to places, doing ocular by herself and finding new things and places she can offer to her ever valued clients! I can see her passion for travel and not for business purposes alone. Well, that's important!

I am getting more excited!


The packages they offer are very affordable and complete! It is also flexible. You can customize destination or timeline you personally want, Just contact Ms. Maricor and make an arrangement with her. Actually, currently they are offering a Christmas season promo rates until January 2017. FREE ACCOMMODATION

Please see below contact details and inquire on their PROMO!

See their Sample Itinerary here --> MCDC South Cebu Itinerary


Hope to be one of them too!

Conquering Fear with MCDC travel and Tours
Canyoneering with MCDC Travel and Tours
 Either Company or family getaway, MCDC will surely love to assist you!

 Achieve your friendship goal! Photo care of supportive MCDC guide

See this happy honeymooners!


Another Cliff Diving in Kawasan Falls!

What more to say? I just cant wait just staring at photos and videos! Excited to experienced as well!

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Consult your Travel expert in South Cebu
Brought to us by : MCDC Travel and Tour Agency based in Badian South Cebu, Philippines.
For Inquiries: Please call or text : 09153901401
Facebook: MCDC Travel and Tours
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