Feel the Thrill : Overlooking @ Palace in the Sky, Tagaytay

by - Wednesday, October 31, 2012

MUST KNOW – The Origin of Palace in the Sky and How to Get there.

Palace in the Sky is originally owned by Marcos Family (Former President Ferdinand Marcos) as their guest House and became open to the public when Marcos was dethroned as the Philippine president. It is also known as “People’s Park”

How to get to Palace in the Sky from Rotunda/ Olivarez Plaza:

Before getting to Olivarez Plaza, you may also know how to get to Rotunda/OlivarezPlaza from Manila. You can refer to this previous post.

From Rotunda/ Olivarez Plaza, you can see the Chowking. Facing Chowking, follow the road on your right side. This will take you to the terminal going to Palace in the Sky which is also the route going to Picnic Groove. The terminal is just a vacant lot which you may not recognize because the jeepneys are not visible as they parked at the inner part of the vacant lot. The terminal is along Chowking’s side. You may find it far if you will walk from Rotunda. Other option is to ride Tricycle directly from Rotunda to Palace in the Sky. It is more costly than to ride a jeep ofcourse.

Note that there is no Taxi in Tagaytay, anyway, expect that riding a tricycle may charge you a taxi fare price hehe..

Fare Cost:

Option 1: Jeepney going to Picnic groove/ Palace in the Sky

Option 2: Tricycle –  P 60 –P 100 depending on the driver

MUST DO: Feel the Thrill : Overlooking @ Palace in the Sky

The view of the Palace in the Sky is breath taking. You can see the magnificent view of Taal lake, Laguna Bay, Balayan and Manila Bay. Going up is challenge for aero phobic like me as I can see the cliff. I was totally surprised when we got there at the entrance! Just like any other visitors who were very thrilled as they reached the entrance too. Upon entering the entrance, we were welcomed by attractive flowers and different kinds of plants for sale. The ambiance is very foggy that I cant almost see the road. It wass just like the clouds were just within our reach. It is too cold given the fact that we’re in a higher place, the typhoon was also approaching that day. We attempted to go to the uttermost area so that we can perfectly see that highest view but we failed to do so because it is too foggy and the stairs were slippery due to rainfall. We found it dangerous if we proceed to walk more. We may not know if the rain will continue to fall and become heavy and it is possible that we’ll get stranded there at the top and no one could see us to help. Lol, maybe I’m li’ll bit paranoid of getting stranded. We only reached the second level of the open building ( It is how I call it) where there is a Mini Chapel and a Big statue of Jesus Christ.

Then we also stopped and waited for the rain to stop at the souvenir shop. It made me laugh when I saw the sign on the store that “Tourist should pay P5.00 for every picture taken in front of the shop”. 

Souvenir Shop

NOTE: The above pictures are not blurred, it is just very foggy and cold

Tip: It is advisable to check the weather before going here.  You may not totally enjoy if it’s raining. Though my experience here was great, You may enjoy it more if you can roam around without having your umbrella while controlling your walk to prevent sliding. You may also see the clear view of Tagaytay from the highest point of Palace in the Sky. You may first check PAGASA Website: http://www.pagasa.dost.gov.ph/

Entrance fee: P 30.00

Must EAT:

I’m not sure if there is a restaurant at its vicinity. However, there is a multipurpose store here. But I suggest, you MUST EAT on restaurants outside the Peoples Park listed on this post. Must Eat: The taste of tagaytay. List of restaurants and recommended food to try.

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