Finally! It' s Sassy's Zealousness

by - Thursday, October 25, 2012

Yey! After so long, I finally created my new blog site. Putting up a blog site is not that easy as I first thought. You need to think of the scope you want to cover. For example, you want to focus on fashion or travel and food reviews or… if you are a mom, then your topics would be more on parenting and house wife life and stuffs. My gosh! My problem is, I want to cover all! So, for me to have a free writing blog, I didn’t limit myself to express everything and anything I want. This is just a generic blog, a diary type or what so called “anything under the sun”. I am so happy I finally came up to an idea in which I can put everything in here and categorize it to its proper coverage.

Why I entitled this blog as "Sassy Zeal - Sassy's Zealousness" ?

Zealous is defined as intense enthusiasm, being passionate, keen,devoted, avid and fanatical. These words perfectly describe me. Me being a sassy girl who is extremely interested in finding new things under the sun. A food lover, a backpacker, a chic and a devoted Christian.

As a christian, my greatest purpose in life  is to share God's love and goodness to my life. I intend to spread possibility and inspirational experiences too.

Also, I will share some blog post about a certain destination, I want to introduce to you the most interesting part. I will call it "KISSED". This is the Acronym for must Know,Interesting fact about a certain place, food and on any other topic posted in this blog. Directions, budget tips and ways to enjoy will be also provided,  must See, must Stay at, must Eat and must Do.

Being sassy is being stylish too. I will post some fashion trends and beauty discoveries, reviews about clothing and beauty products and feature new great deals and promos online.

I will also share anything i've learn on how to do stuffs...

All I want is to be Sassy and to be Zealous..

God bless readers !

                        --BE SASSY -- BE ZEALOUS--

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