MUST DO: Let' s have fun in Tagaytay!

by - Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tagaytay is a peaceful place, yet you will never find it boring to stay here. There are lots and lots of fun awaiting us that the whole family and friends will enjoy. It is often a place for kids field trip. As far as I remember, when I was in kinder, on our field trip, we went to Palace in the sky. I believe, there is no Residence Inn and Paradizoo there yet that time because if there are, I’m sure our class will also visit it. 

When it comes to adventure, don’t miss to try zip line and trekking. If you want your bonding to be chill and simple, just walk around the park listed below, feel the cool breeze and greenery field. Have time to play and eat together on the field. Treat your feet a spa with the little fishes and watch over the Taal lake while the boat is smoothly sailing on a calm water.

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Try the following recommended activities in Tagaytay.

Zip line at Picnic Groove    and   Zip line at Residence Inn 

Feel the height @ Palace in the Sky 

Back to Basic: Picnic - Bonding with the family, friends
 Set-up a Romantic Morning date @ Picnic Grove Tagaytay  

Photo shoot at Picnic Groove Hanging Bridge 

Get in touch with exotic and friendly Animals that can only be seen at Residence Inn

Be mesmerized by the Overlooking views

Kids Field Trip at Residence Inn

Foot Spa by little fishes at Picnic Groove

Souvenir shopping @ Picnic Groove and Palace in the Sky

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