Capture the moment: Hanging Bridge @ Picnic Grove Tagaytay

by - Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Picnic Grove is too wide to for us to stay in one place. After we tried the wohh! The breath taking Zipline, we walked to Hanging Bridge and took some pictures of it. I like the symmetry of the ropes. This is perfect for pre-nuptial shooting for couple who love adventure and nature. The hanging bridge is made of old wood and thick ropes. Like what I’m always saying, I’m afraid of heights yet I dare to cross the bridge as I can see that It is safe though it is old. It is connecting the picnic area where lots of cottages are located near the Zipline and the other part of the picnic grove where the entrance is near. 
hanging Bridge

Connecting Bridge between picnic area and zipline area
A view from Zipline waiting shed
A view from the Bridge

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