MUST SEE : Places in Tagaytay you should not miss!

by - Wednesday, October 31, 2012

There are numerous tourist destinations in Tagaytay. Mostly, parks and nature trippings. If you are exhausted from the city life and looking for a place to relax but would just take little hour to reach, I highly suggest Tagaytay. Whenever I need to escape from work stress, I often go here. This is actually my favorite place. Going here is not pricey though the place to see, the food and the experience are awesome! The fresh air, the cold weather and the whisper of nature is what I love the most. 

Here is the list of tourist destinations I already explored. Know more about it such as How to get there, Know the must Kissed (Must know, information on how to get there, must see, must stay, must do)  

   Feel the Thrill : Overlooking @ Palace in the Sky

Bag of Bean
Taal Volcano

Pink Sisters Convent


Flower Farm
            Tagaytay High Lands
            Balai Taal 
             A paradise at Sonia’s Garden Bed and Breakfast 
            Honey Bee Farm

These are just some of many interesting things and places in Tagaytay.

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  2. It was raining hard the day I was in Tagaytay some years ago so I didn't go on the tour inside the volcano. Today I wish I had just endured the rain and gone on the tour.

    Thank you for your post.



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