Be on top of Governors Island and see Pinoy Big Brother House in Hundred Island, Pangasinan

by - Wednesday, June 29, 2016

One of the most popular island in Hundred Island is the Governors Island! Popularized by PBB or pinoy Big Brother TV Series.

On my previous blog post, I've shared the things you need to know on How to get to Hundred Island from ManilaSample Itinerary in Hundred Island and Bolinao Tour, Most reliable, affordable and worth Travel Agency, Most affordable Hundred Island and Bolinao Travel Package.

Through the leading of MK compass Travel and Tours, upon arrival to Alaminos, Pangasinan, we then headed to the Alaminos Port and start Island Hopping!

Governors Island, Hundred Island Pangasinan
First Stop, Governors Island! This island has a lot of things to offer to its guests. To give you a summary of how wonderful hundred Island is? First stop must be to hike 123 steps staircase to the vie deck of Governors Island. Might be hard for lazy climbers like me, but i swear! This is something really worth! See the majestic panoramic view of Hundred Island from the top of Governors Island!
The view deck is built for the tourists for picture taking with  breath taking view of Hundred Island. Here is a sample shot we got from the view deck of Governors Island. Two tips for you to have a picture perfect shot of it. One, run fast up to the view deck (Please be very careful) so you and your group will be the first to reach the spot without photo bomber OR two, line into the groups of tourist who wants to have a picture of the view until no photo bombers left! Viola!

Here is the photo of boats from the stairs going up to the view deck.

Second stop! PBB island (Pinoy Big Brother)! This just beside the Governors Island. This is where the PBB teens batch 2006 (Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson’s batch) temporarily resided. I don’t have the actual Photo of PBB house but here is the glimpse of the floating bridge connecting Governor’s island and PBB island. It is said that PBB House is for rent for those who would like to stay in the Island overnight. P 10,000 per night. You can also stay here for P 1,500 - P 2,000 if you want you rent their regular huts or prefer to pitch a tent for 
P 200. But in our case, since we availed a package from MK compass Travel and Tours, no need for us to worry about accommodation as it was covered by the tour package we got.

Zip line Activity is also available in Governor's island which cost P 250 each ride where you can see the breath taking view of Hundred Island. It is a 546 meter long Zip line connecting governor's Island and Virgin island.

Floating Bridge

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Is there any experience you want to share with me or if you want to seek any tips or ask questions, I will be delighted to hear it! COMMENT down below.