Top 1: Onboard Games + Gastro Pub – Try the best Seller Ferrero Nutella Landslide + Unlimited FREE Board Games

by - Monday, June 13, 2016

Onboard Games + Gastro Pub
 Friday yehey! Going out with friends, office mates or with your family? However, office hours will end at 6 PM and you will travel home or to meeting place with friends in two hours considering friday traffic. How can you extend your friday bonding if you will start at 8 PM if most of the Restaurants will close at 10 PM? your only choices are KTV  or Bar? We'll how if you're tired enough for such kind?

Good news! There is a newly opened and still under construction mall in Makati, The Circuit in where you can find this Gastro Pub that will allow you to dine from 4PM - 12 AM. This is the perfect place for Team Building after office hours, safe place to bring your kids and even a place to date your cool girlfriend who never stop thirsting for something new!

They serve variety of food like MILK SHAKE!! finger snacks, pasta, rice meals and drinks alcoholic and non alcoholic. I actually search for where we can find a Milkshake like this. Tadah! FABULOUS!

This is the Best Seller. Ferrero Nutella Landslide which costs P 365. Overloaded with Nutella, premium Chocolate Ice Cream, Home made brownies, ferrero chocolate syrup, Hershey's Kisses, wafer and Chocolate sticks. Winner

For Snacks, if you aren't that hungry, it is recommended to order finger food while playing your favorite board games. Their food is good for sharing.

We ordered, Nacho Hai. This costs, P399. Freshly made Wanton chips topped with tangy soy marinated raw tuna cubes, crabsticks, nari strips, cabbage strips, soy glaze and Spicy dressing. Very light and delicious.

As well as food, they also have variety of board games to enjoy for two or for group such as Jengga, Halli Galli, Uno, Battle of the sexes and many many more!
Onboard Games and Gastro Pub

House Rule: Each person should order atleast one item in their menu. (Food or drinks) If you will not order then you need to pay P 180 so you can play with the group.

The staffs are very accommodating. If it is your first time to the pub, they will come to you and assist you of what game you want to play. If still you do not have any idea, they will provide you with the game and explain the mechanics until you get used into it.

See how accommodating? this lady is not a customer but a staff showing how to play this game. Cool right? 

Shelves of tons of board games to choose from up here!

A glimpse of their menu and prices

How to get to Onboard Games and Gastro Pub:

Go get grab or uber app! Book this address:
Circuit Lane, Circuit Makati, River Front Drive, Carmona, Makati, Metro Manila
Old Sta, Race Track


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Is there any experience you want to share with me or if you want to seek any tips or ask questions, I will be delighted to hear it! COMMENT down below.