Things to do and see and eat in Hundred Island and Bolinao, Pangasinan!

by - Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Things to do and must see in Hundred Island!

Hundred Island is situated in Barangay Lucap in Alaminos Pangasinan which is one of the tourist destination in North compose of 123+ islets. Obviously the reason why it is called Hundred Island.

Traveling from Bolinao to Alaminos will take us 40 minutes drive.
Each of the featured islet or island here has different characteristics that will contribute to your memorable experience upon visiting Hundred Island. This wonderful tourist destination is truly blessed with the diverse ecosystem, rich marine community, unique sea creatures, giant clams and extinct fishes. The breath taking beauty of Hundred Island is never ending and continuously amazing anyone that visited the place.

To better appreciate Pangasinan, I and my team explored Hundred Island in Alaminos. We were rejuvenate by the fresh air and mesmerized by the beauty of islands and islets in Hundred Island namely, Marcos Island, PBB Island, Governor’s Island, Cuenco Island, Bat Island and lots of them to see. Welcoming us from a long trip is 125 steps up to the view deck of Governors Island which is worth a climb to enjoy a panoramic view and take the best photo to document. Followed by a walk to floating bridge in PBB Island. Well a really new fun and thrilling experience we had in Marcos Island which will make this island so remarkable! 10 feet dive to the cave! Extreme for a non adventurous buddy! We then passed by to Bat Island and proceeded to Cuenco Island.

Through the leading of MK compass Travel and Tours, upon arrival to Alaminos, Pangasinan, we then headed to the Alaminos Port and start Island Hopping!

TIP: Bring your lunch in Hundred Island

THINGS TO DO and MUST SEE in Hundred Island:



ACTIVITY Prices in Hundred Island


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