City Tour: Puerto Princesa, Palawan

by - Monday, June 09, 2014

City Tour: Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Palawan is a very great place to explore. For nature lover like me, you may also fall in love with    this place  which I called a paradise. On the first day of our vacation, we started with the City  Tour.
Along our journey, I was truly overwhelmed, not only by sight, but also, by heart and mind. Our tour showed me the reality and the possibilities of life beyond expectation. I appreciated the existence of wild animals during our visit in Crocodile Farm. I experienced life in a greenery field of a ranch and encountered farm animals closer in Mitra’s Ranch. I enjoyed being a kid again in Baker’s Hill as we roamed around and play with our cameras in very artistic scenery. Also, I am thankful to the property owner of Baker’s Hill’s generosity to open it to the public for free. I treasured our immersion in Bunuatan Weaving Center as I understood how our fellow Palaweño’s worked hard for their living. Weaving as a livelihood and as a big part of our culture. Seeing Plaza Cuartel reminded me of the past, the history that molded Philippines and the reason why we are a free country today. Souvenir Shop! Of course, reminded me of my beloved people in Manila. Shop that exhibits different output of hard work; hand painting, hand-crafts and delicious native delicacies. Above all, I was amazed with how life of second chance would be more peaceful and free for the prisoners of Iwahig Penal Farm where discipline, integrity and freedom are smoothly implemented.

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