Reaching Sabang Bay from Puerto Princesa City Proper : Port to underground River Palawan

by - Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sabang is the doorway to the majestic Puerto Princesa Underground River. It seems like a port with many boats waiting for passengers. Just like an airport, here is the place where you need to process your papers for you to be allowed to go to Underground River. Papers? Yes papers, What I meant was, you will need the permit to enter Underground River. You cannot get a permit on the spot. So you need to book it earlier, a month or better 2 months in advance, just to be safe. You will only need to do this if your are the one who is planning for your Do it yourself Palawan Getaway. If you have contacted a travel agency or a tourist guide in Palawan, you don’t need to do this, because you already availed they hassle free Underground River Tour. They will be the one who will arrange everything for you. The cost of a worry-free Underground River Tour is P 1,500 per head. (See Cheaper way to explore Palawan)

Sabang Information Center

Sabang Port, Palawan

Boats waiting for passengers at Sabang Port, Palawan

All ready! Life jackets on! 

Upon arrival on the Sabang Port, go to the registration booth, you will need to show ID for registration. Then you can now ride the pump boat going to Underground River Natures Park. From there, you can now reserve for paddle boat that will bring you inside the cave .
Note: Do not forget to get a permit going inside the Underground River before traveling here.
Booking a Permit for Underground River Palawan Tour

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