Belle de Jour Power Planner 2014

by - Sunday, December 22, 2013

As early as November, I was able to get my first ever Belle de Jour Power Planner! And yes! I was so much excited as I already have things wrote down in my baby planner! I really took time to think first before writing down the final notes because I don't want my BDJ to be messy. I already listed my goals for the year 2014, my plans and things to conquer. The tools are very detailed and specific. I love the financial page where I can write down my target savings and expenses. 

Plus the fact that for every month, there are appropriate article for a bella like me. 

This BDJ is a very helpful planner not only for lovely teens but also for a career woman like me. Every day, I bring this to the office so I can list down everything that I've accomplished and task to do. See! I told you, I was so much excited! Remember it’s still 2013. Lol! My target is to get the free planner next year. I know I can use 50 coupons before the deadline. The price of this BDJ is really worth! Imagine, you'll get discount coupons which worth is more than the price of BDJ Planner itself. 

I know this planner will help me a lot! It actually challenged me to accomplish what I listed down and monitor everyday progress of the steps I need to take to meet my goals. I will be more on-track when it comes to goals and will help me push myself to eliminate excuses and negative emotions against optimism. It gives me an idea to somehow reward myself when I have done something great! Its layout is very creative. It is not the typical type of planner. It is not boring and it is very “Kikay”. Oh! How I really love the dream board. I am so excited to put my dreams here.

Me and my Miel used to list things we want to try just for fun. To my surprise, BDJ has it! Oh! It will be easier for me to think of the things we want to do for some time. You will see it in 2014 BDJ Checklist. Here are some of those: Compose a song for your love one, Perfect a 5 minutes hula hoping, Sleep under the tree. See, sometimes doing simple things such as these is fun! Sometime, It is very hard for us specially for busy person to think of the things we want. If you’re a kind of person who lacks in time to meditate and to assess self-desire, maybe this BDJ is also best for you because it provides ideas you may need such as to set a goal like this “ Save P 40,000 in a year” or “Set a 3 day vacation for your parent”.

You wouldn’t miss any event through this tracker!

It has also vacation planner. I am a kind of person who usually goes out of town once or twice a month. At first, I said, why BDJ has only 2 sets of space for vacation? And then I realized, it only implies that I should minimize my vacations to achieve financial goal. Okay then!

Overall, BDJ makes me extremely enthusiastic even January 2014 hasn’t come yet. Meaning, it makes me excited for the upcoming year. Putting list on my every day, weekly or monthly journal makes my upcoming days so special and interesting and I am blissful to look forward to it. Start your goal setting and be so much excited like me bellas!

Just like what BDJ says, Live lige to the fullest!

All I want is to share, to inspire, to be SASSY, to be ZEALOUS. God bless everyone!

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