Kain na! Sa Ka Inato

by - Friday, December 14, 2012

In every travel destination, food hunting is not an option but a must! And so, upon arrival in the airport on our first day in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, we first proceeded to Ka Inato!

The Restaurant
Ka Inato has a nice landscape. The restaurant welcomed us with a homey feeling, fresh air and artistic interior. The concept is cultural since most of the interior materials are wooden; tables and chairs, the wall and reception area. The plain auburn color of the restaurant is highlighted by colorful wooden Anito sculptures and abstract painting.

The Food
What I love about this resto is that the menu book is entertaining. Even we are too hungry to wait for our food to be served, we still managed to smile because of the uniqueness of the meal names such as “Mga Sari-Saring Pansit” – Walang Kamatayang Pansit, Kambak-Kambak, , Mga pampagana, Sinabawan, Mga pagkaing swak na swak, Bancuber  JQ Shake  (Banana/Cucumber Shake), etc.

We asked the waitress by the name of Rhea about their best seller food and she recommended us the Inato Chiken Special. It is the inasal version of Ka Inato.  We ordered two original flavored Inato (non-spicy) for the guys, Pastor and Ovi and two spicy Chicken Inato  for the girls; Ate Aiza and I. They have super spicy and mild, and so we bought mild. Upon serving the chicken platter with rice, cucumber, sliced watermelon and atsara, the look is really mouthwatering. I sliced the spicy chicken breast and tried it. It was really flavorsome; however, the spice is too much! We assumed that the waitress mistakenly served us the extremely spicy one instead of mild. We added Calamares and bought Graham cake for desert, fresh Buko, Choco banana and Mango shake.
The price is very affordable. Meal s are ranging from P 90 –P 200 while drinks and shakes are ranging from P 50 – P120.

Happy Eating.

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