Heavenly food tasting at Picasso's Place, New Horizon Hotel

by - Friday, November 30, 2012

We'll be having our Project Holiday Party in Picasso's Place, New Horizon Hotel in Mandaluyong this year. As the head organizer, me and Darren (lead of food and venue commitee) will do the food tasting. Supposedly, it should be Me, Darren, Julie and Josh, Unfortunately, Julie and Josh were both off shift. We started the food tasting at 11:30 and ended with bloated tummies at 1PM.
Very friendly and courteous waiters started serving the soup.

Hungarian Veloute - A creamy with a bit of cheesy taste and erbs served with House bread and Butter.

               Followed by Salad Green Garden Salad Italian Pasta and Salmon Terrine.

We were not able to finish our salad. We skipped the garden salad and moved on to  Hot dishes.
Stuffed Boneless Chicken with Supreme Sauce

Pork Loin Provencale 

Tender braised  beef chassuer

During the meeting before the food tasting, we were thinking if we could change the escargot to any other dish as this is a shell food and may not be appropriate with the event. This escargot is very intriging for me and Darren, and so, we started tasting hot dishes with escargot...

Moulles A L'Escargot

Hmm.... Wow! It is so yummy. the taste is so good. In simple words, I can describe it as baked tahong with the taste of butter, garlic and cheese. It was served without the shell already which is easy to eat.

After trying all the dishes, we both ended up with one favorite. Guest what? Escargot! I realy love to pronounce it..haha...so sossy!

We pushed through with the desert tasting. Fresh fruits and 4 flavors of log-shaped cakes. (vanilla,chocolate, mocha and strawberry).

Darren and I rated it from the best to least. Darren : Chocolate, mocha, vanila then strawberry. Me: Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla,mocha. Obviously, we both agreed that chocolate is the best among four.

Before we ended, Belgian Executive Chef Danny Vandenbosch approached us and asked us feedback.. We'll we said that the food was really great and satisfying.

Lastly, we washed out all the taste in our buds with water, talk with the sales manager and went back to the office with very satisfied tummy and tongue. We really had a great food tasting ever considering the fact that it is all free!!! Well, that is the privilege of being busy organizers.


Is situated long Epifanio deIos Santos Avenue (edsa) in Mandaluyong City
Website: www.newhorizonhotel-manila.com

Happy Eating!

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