Olivarez Plaza and Tagaytay Country Club

by - Sunday, December 30, 2012

The first time I went here, I did not noticed that Olivarez Plaza is a City Market Place located at the heart of tagaytay near rotonda. I thought it’s just a “Park. The second time we went here, we got a chance to explore the whole place. It has rows of stalls. Each stall has a store name and unique address. Addresses are derived from tagalong plant/ tree names like balimbing, alatiris, guyabano etc. Everything you need is in here. There are also tiangge here where you can buy cheap Bags, footwear, cloths, towels and toiletries. For your personal and home needs, there is also UNO super market (air-conditioned department store). For services, there are laundry stall, payment center, Altering stall, picture studio, spa, etc. For tourists, you can also buy pasalubong here.

There is also a very large Ukay – ukay here. It’s a large pavilion for about a basketball court size.

 See the swimming pool – cool!

It is neither crowded nor hot. This going to be a relax shopping ever!!! My mom bought some slippers, shirts a big shopping bag, wallets and towel for amber.

Along the department store, there are doors. I was curious what is it so we decided to walk and we saw an open door with staff in Filipiniana uniform.(A room boy)
Surprisingly, we found out that it is a hotel room, we walked more and found that at the end of the way it was the Tagaytay Country Hotel. So…there is a hotel within the Olivarez Plaza…hmmm!! That’s cool! Very accessible. If only we knew it before we checked in, we may choose this hotel to stay. Anyway, there is always a next time.
Here is agoda link for hotel rates: Tagaytay Country Club Hotel Rates
The good thing about this hotel is that it is located at the heart of tagaytay where all of the things you will be needing is just around you. Fast-food, drugstore,
Market place, mall…everything! And also, its just minutes away from different famous destinations of tagaytay such as Picnic grove, Palace in the sky, Residence Inn, Taal Volcano,Mahogany Market and many more….

 Their accommodation is very flexible. From a luxurious room to economy room for the whole family are available.
They have a landscape in front of the hotel. Truly a relaxing place to drink your hot coffee in a breezy atmosphere while sitting is a tiffany chair.

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