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by - Tuesday, July 08, 2014

A sexy body? that is what everybody wanted. But going into a diet is a sacrifice for some. The real thing is when we say diet; it is not exactly the same thing as starving. Having a proper diet is not a suicidal act which one tends to refuse from eating and depriving yourself from eating the food you love the most. You can also do a diet just to regulate your eating habit and control your craving. Part of a healthy lifestyle is maintaining a proper diet.

For some, going into a diet is their way to have a sexy body. Well, in fact, that is just a bonus! Your award will be within you. A healthy diet will make you feel great inside and beautiful outside. You will have a good stamina and more energy. It can help you avoid gaining excess weight and help maintain desirable body mass. It will also affect your mind. As per researches, feeling good stabilizes a good mood and you will feel happier and more relaxed. It will boost your self-esteem and confidence. Most importantly, it will help you combat diseases and prolong life. Can you imagine why people from the old times live longer than people today? Nowadays, the usual maximum lifespan of human life is about 70 - 80 plus as per my observation. However, there are some who died earlier due to heart diseases, colon problems, diabetes etc. Most of the diseases are caused by lifestyle or degenerative diseases. The body cell deterioration is increasing gradually based on your lifestyle. Let say, if you are eating fatty food with high cholesterol every day, then you’re more likely to have heart diseases or hypertension over time.


While in the ancient time, the oldest man in the Bible lived 969 years and his name is Methuselah. In the recent researches conducted by Gerontology Research Group or the Guinness World Record, the longest unambiguously documented human lifespan is Jeanne Calment of France (1875-1997).Only two people were verified oldest living men above 110 today. Sakari Momo, 111 years and 136 days and Yasutaro Koide, 111 years and 100 days, both from Japan. The prolonged life they had might be the result of their environment and eating habit. Decades or century ago, every food intake is all natural, fresh from the farm and no preservatives or chemicals added. Nowadays, we are in a fast phase generation where everything is instant. Instant noodles, ready to eat sausages, no cook needed can goods and fast food! Imagine how much additives and preservatives they have. Well, everything has it now, so I am not saying DO NOT EAT THEM ALL. Since, those food are always available for us, the only way is ALWAYS PUT EVERYTHING IN MODERATION.


------ MIND SETTING ------

You are not alone, there are many people around the world who plans and tries to go on a diet at some point of their lives but fails to continue. The hardest part of switching to a healthier diet is at the beginning. All you need to do as an initial process is to realize and set your mind.

Ask yourself: What is the main reason for you to do this or why you need to do this?

It maybe to lose weight or maybe you are preparing for a summer beach getaway, preparing for a certain event like wedding or honey moon or just simply inspired by the people around you. Another reason is that, you might felt symptoms of a disease that might occur and you want to prevent it before it become worse. Another good reason is for you to become more confident when you are with your friends or love one. You want to wear a dress or want to try muscle tee. You might want to prepare yourself for parenthood. But among all of these, the best reason you need to think of is for A HEALTHIER YOU. You need to keep in mind a positive thinking that YOU CAN DO IT.

------Do not force yourself, do it gradually instead------

You cannot change your eating habit in a snap. Do it gradually. If you do not take breakfast and you eat two cups of rice for lunch plus more meat and then you eat another heavy meal for snack and another heavy meal during dinner then you really have to do something about it.
You can transpose from above to this sample strategy:

First Phase:
Eat heavy breakfast. Eat one cup of rice in lunch and lesser meat and a light snacks in between lunch and dinner and a lighter dinner. Breakfast is the most important meal in a day. When you take your breakfast, there is a guarantee that you are getting the nutrients you need for a day.

Second Phase:
Eat lighter breakfast. Eat your lunch with lesser servings than you have in phased one. Eat light snacks then eat light dinner.

Third Phase: (Replacing your meal with fruits and vegetables gradually)
Eat light breakfast, eat you light lunch, eat a real light snacks and eat fruits as dinner.
Eat banana and milk for breakfast (It can also be cereal or other fruits). Eat you light lunch with vegetables, try to skip snacks and eat fruits or cereal as dinner.

Fourth Phase:
Eat fruits as breakfast. Eat light during lunch; eat fruits or vegetables at night.

We’ll I’m not saying that this should be your program. This is very broad. There are no specified suggestions to eat. The point is, how you gradually immune your tummy not to ask for food all the time or to ask for heavy meals always. Make it a practice then a habit. Sooner, your stomach will be used to eating lighter than before. Your suggested food intake will depend on what you want. If you want to simply switch from unhealthy food intake to healthy one, then it is simpler, but if you really want to see a drastic change for a certain period of time. Well, you may need a lot of patience and effort.

------ Control your craving ------

If you want to eat a chocolate, you must first think. Do you need this? Or you just want it? Are you hungry or you are just craving? If you are hungry, why don’t you think of other food to eat that will last instead of having a chocolate? If you are craving for sweet, well, you can also look for an alternative sweet with lower percentage of calories.

As per Professor Marion Heltherington, A craving is not a hunger. The desire does not come from stomach but from brain. People don’t crave broccoli and cabbage. It’s more likely to be sweet or chocolates. Food most likely craved is high energy, high calories and high fat food. They are treat foods that are usually restricted. A classic craving is an urge or a strong desire for a particular food. It is more than just a comfort eating.

You know which are the right food to eat and which are not. So it will always depend on you. Since craving is mandated by the brain, I think you must again go back to the mind setting points above and ask yourself why you need to control your craving.

------ Make it a Habit ------

Once you have conquered over eating too much, craving for junk then practice that more often until it become a habit. Eventually, that will become your lifestyle or eating habit which is far more different from what you are eating before unconsciously.

Know what the DO’s and DONT’s for a healthy eating habit


      Do exercise
      Do drink a plenty of water
      Do eat vegetables and fruits. There is more exciting menu for vegetables. Just be a creative cook!
      Do clean eating by avoiding processed meat and choose lean protein and complex carbs.
      Do healthy alternatives for your pleasure foods. Junk food for snacks and sweets can be replaced by other healthy snacks which will fulfill your wants.
      Do read your goodies nutrition facts. Re-explore grocery stores and look for a healthier one. Be aware.
      Do monitor your calories intake.
      Do eat food rich in fiber. It will help you to have a good metabolism.
      Do eat frequently but in small amount. This will make your blood sugar level stable.
      Do eat breakfast. The most important meal in a day.
      Do track your weight progress


Don’t drink alcoholic beverages.
Don’t eat too much sweet. Excessive sugar intake leads to hypertension, diabetes and obesity.
Do moderate eating habit. No super sized portion.
Don’t lack in sleep. It will increase hunger.
Don’t eat processed food and instant food.
Don’t make a habit to eat animal meat or red meat.
Don’t be used on eating salty food.
Don’t eat in fast food every day.
Don’t eat when you are not hungry
Do not tolerate your craving

Remember that every change will start on you depending on how you wanted it to be. A drastic change will depend on how much effort and time you put on. Don't be frustrated if you don't see a lot of improvement in time. Listen, it will really take a lot of time and effort if you want to have a lean body. However, being sexy is not only based on how much muscle you have or how small your waistline is. Being sexy can be felt inside and may manifest outside. 

Wear your sweetest smile and your best heels - your confidence 

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