Honda Bay: Palawan snorkeling and Island Hoping

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During summer season, going to the beach is not just an option but a must for most of the Filipinos. I already went to several beaches but so far, the most convenient for me is Palawan. As per my experience, beaches or islets from the starting point, Honda bay waft, are just minutes away from each other. They have their own distinctiveness. Just like Pambato Reef, you can see the majestic underwater world in just 25 minutes away from Honda Bay Warf. The Luli Island, It was called Luli Island because this island seems to be Lulubog-lilitaw during high tide or low tide. (lulubog-lilitaw means the island disappears and appears during high tide or low tide). The snake Island is like a snake, long, skinny and wavy. In Pandan Island, I don’t know why it was called Pandan Island, but the unique there is the triplets’ tree that I saw. They one root foundation and it branched into three trees. Cool! The Starfish Island is where you can see numerous starfish. The Señorita Island where Lapu-lapu fishes are being breed. The Meara Marina Island. The Arreceffi Island of famous Dos Palmas Beach Resort.

Tip: Best season to visit is from December to May to avoid heavy rain.


If in case you are in the planning stage of your Palawan Tour and you saw a package that says Honda Bay Tour this means beach or island hopping and snorkeling. Honda Bay is located in Sta. Lourdes Tagbanua, Puerto Princesa, Palawan. This will be the port where pump boats can be found to bring you to the island of your choice. You can also see there the registration for the desired island to visit. Some of them need an entrance fee. Honda Bay Warf has its Tourist Assistance Center and a Coast Guard Office.

Island Entrance Fee and Terminal Fee

Pambato Reef: P 50.00
Starfish Island: P 50.00
Pandan Island: P50.00
Luli Island: P 50.00
Snake Island: FREE
Terminal Fee: P 18.00
Environmental fee 40

                                              How to do a Honda Bay Island Hopping

                                                 1.      Hire a tricycle/Van to bring you to Honda Bay Warf
                                                 2.      Rent snorkeling and diving equipment.
                                                 3.      Upon arriving in Honda Bay Warf, rent a boat
                                                 4.      Pay for Terminal fee and entrance fee for some island.
                                                 5.      Ride a boat
                                                 6.      Enjoy!

How to get to Honda Bay Warf

If you get a tour package from Hotels and travel agency, they will provide a van that will bring you to Honda Bay Warf. But if you do your Do-it-yourself Honda Bay Tour, you may ride a tricycle from Puerto Princesa that will bring you to Sta. Lourdes port. This will take 45 minutes of travel. The fare ranges from 300 – 500. That will be round trip already. So don’t forget to get the tricycle driver’s number that will fetch you when you went back from the island hoping to the port.

Renting snorkeling and diving equipment

Along the road to Honda Bay, you can see stalls which cater snorkeling and diving equipment rental. You can also rent or buy underwater cameras there.

How much rentals of snorkeling gear?

As much as I remember, P 100 is the rental for snorkeling gear.

Rent a boat. Since we did a Do-it-yourself Honda Bay Tour, we rented boat ourselves. It costs us P 1,300 for the four of us.

How much is the expenses for Do-it-yourself Honda Bay Tour

It only cost us P 1008.00 per head for this do it yourself Honda Bay Tour lunch excluded. Good enough compare to a Honda Bay Tour Package which cost 1,200 or 1,300. 
But if you want a hassle free Honda Bay Tour, check this out.

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