Iwahig Penal Farm Palawan

by - Monday, January 07, 2013

Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm is under the Bureau  of Corection, Department of Justice. Iwahig Prison is the subject of an award winning documentary film “out of Bonds” way back 2005 by a French Director Alexandre Lebergne.
Iwahig is an open air penal colony with 38,000 hectars.  Prisoners  of Iwahig are those long term prisoners who passed the probationary period. They were allowed to become fishermen, farmers and wardens. They are self-managed and self-supporting. They organized their community and find their living inside Iwahig Penal Farm.

I was amazed with how life of second chance would be more peaceful and free for the prisoners of Iwahig Penal Farm where discipline, integrity and freedom are smoothly implemented.

"Biangguan man ay paraiso rin sa patakarang maka Diyos at makatao"

Iwahig Penal Farm is a clear picture of a sound rural community. Imagine how disciplined people here are. We asked Bro. James how many percentage of prisoners are escaping from Iwahig and he said "very rare". Well, if we'll come to think of it, if I were a prisoner of Iwahig and no one is waiting for me outside the penal , I would rather stay in this peaceful community.
Getting inside the community will take you to a bumpy and dusty road. There is no entrance fee to be paid here. The only thing is that, you will need to either commute or rent a van or tricycle going here which I already mentioned in my previous post.
Greenery with the view of mountain
Sports Court and School
Row of Nipa Hut where prisoners and Staffs dwell
Souvenir Shop
Upon arriving in Recreation Hall, some of "kosa" (term use to refer to co-inmate) fetched us from the van and guided us going up to the recreation hall with umbrella. They are very accommodating and  friendly.
Here is the front view of Iwahig recreation Hall. The structure is very hispanic.
If Cebu have the youtube celebrity dancing inmates, Iwahig have it too! These three gentlemen rendered a dance number while we are buying souvenirs! 

There are handcrafted souvenirs that you can buy here. They were personally created by the inmates.

Most of these are carved items! I bought this coin purse made from coconut shell painted with embossed blue flower and faded gold plated bracelet with heart shaped padlock.
There are key chains too! The legendary pasalubong for everyone! Haha!
So cool! These great creations are the symbol of the inmate's creativity, hardwork, productivity and a proof that every wrong decision or act in the past can be corrected. Chances are for those people who repented and who faced the consequences of their wrong deeds. Life is too short, do not wait to regret because we can make it right today.


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