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Tagaytay | Must do - Let's have fun in Tagaytay

Tagaytay | Interesting Fact

Tagaytay | Palace in the Sky - Must see you shouldn’t miss

Tagaytay | Olivarez Plaza and Tagaytay Country Club

Tagaytay | Picnic Grove - Discover the Nature

Tagaytay | Capture the moment - Hanging Bridge at Picnic Grove

Tagaytay | Feel the thrill - Overlooking at Palace in the Sky

Tagaytay | Set-up a romantic morning date at Picnic Grove

Tagaytay | Magic Show @ Residence Inn and Kids Field Trip

Tagaytay | Residence Inn - Get in touch with the exotic and friendly Animals

Tagaytay | Must see in Residence Inn and entrance fee

Tagaytay | About Residence Inn Zoo


Palawan | 3/ 2 Days Do-It-Yourself ITINERARY

Palawan | Cheaper way to explore Puerto Princesa

Palawan | City Tour at Puerto Princesa

Palawan | Iwahig Penal Farm

Palawan | Get wild at Crocodile farm, Puerto Princesa

Palawan | Booking a Permit for Underground River Tour

Palawan | Underground River Tour

Palawan | Mitra's Ranch

Palawan | Baker's Hill: The Baker’s Artistic Haven 

Palawan | Bunuatan Weaving Center: Preserving Filipino’s hard work and culture

Palawan | Plaza Cuartel: A piece of history

Palawan | Souvenir Shop: Hand-crafts and native delicacies as Pasalubong!

Palawan | Firefly Watching

Palawan | Honda Bay: Palawan snorkeling and Island Hoping

Cebu Getaway!

Heavenly Resort Spa Near Metro - 88 Resort and Spa Laguna