About me

Time flies! and the truth is, we never know when life will end. So as long as we have TIME and LIFE, cherish!. Maximize the precious time with love ones and explore God's crafted wonderful world for us. Share your life with others who need inspiration and encouragement. Spread love, laugh and enthusiasm to humanity. Let not your limited budget hinders you to do whatever you want, go wherever your feet will bring you, taste whatever your tongue desires, experience what you haven't and discover the unseen. You can do anything through proper planning, budgeting and wise promo                                                                             hunting! Remember that you can always...

                                                                  LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST SMARTLY

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Who is Sassy?

IT by profession; an artist and a blogger by heart. 
Characterized by a sassy and zealous personality, being passionate, keen, devoted, avid and fanatical. A sassy girl who is extremely interested in finding new things under the sun. A creative thinker, an artist, food lover, a backpacker, a helpful explorer, a baker and chef at her own.

Why Sassy entitled this blog as "SassyZeal - Sassy's Zealousness"?

It was entitled Sassy’s Zealousness as mentioned above; the blogger is sassy and zealous. During her “me” time, She used to divert from IT corporate world into her own world of happiness, her passion and her freedom. Where she can express her fearless opinions and share her experiences. Maintaining the integrity of every review based only on what she have personally experienced.

What Sassy writes about?

In general, Sassy writes about lifestyle, food, finds, travel and living life to the fullest smartly through proper planning of travel bucket list and tips on how to enjoy it on a low cost budget yet worth! Shares DIY(Do-it-yourself) travel itineraries and recommended ways to enjoy traveling smartly by saving time and money. Travel more! Spend Less!

Sassy also writes about KISSED or the must KNOW, INTERESTING facts, must SEE, must STAY at, must EAT and must DO in a certain travel destination. Direction, budget tips and ways to enjoy are also provided, Sassy also writes about food, cooking and fascinating restaurants, fun and exciting things to do, experiences others must try and any helpful finds worth sharing! 

All I want is to share, to inspire, to be Sassy and to be Zealous!
Thank you and God bless sassy readers!