Casa Armas - Spanish taste cravings fulfillment

Looking for a different taste to savor? Why not try Spanish? I'ts really hard to find authentic Spanish taste in our place. Since I'm seeing good reads about Casa Armas and pictures really enticed me so much, we invited our spiritual parents and good friends to a date in Casa Armas, Greenbelt...

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Leslie's Tagaytay

Tagaytay is known as second Baguio of the Philippines due to its cold weather. Who doesn’t crave for a sizzling hot soup? Aside from it...

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Authentic Korean Food after an exceptional Spa Experience

Since 88 Resort is owned by a Korean and most of the guests are Koreans, the Resort's specialty of course is Korean Cuisine. If you will first look at their Menu, you might think that it is a bit pricey. We'll that is true! But...

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Top 1: Onboard Games + Gastro Pub – Try the best Seller Ferrero Nutella Landslide + Unlimited FREE Board Games

Friday yehey! Going out with friends, office mates or with your family? However, office hours will end at 6 PM and you will travel home or to meeting place with friends in two hours considering friday traffic. How can you extend your friday bonding if you will start at 8 PM if most of the Restaurants will close at 10 PM? your only choices are KTV or Bar? We'll how if you're tired...

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Ice cream + chemistry = ISCREAMIST FUN - New way to enjoy your favorite Ice Cream!!

Craving for ice cream? How about trying a new experience while enjoying your favorite ice cream flavor? This summer season, the extreme heat of weather is killing us (yes sometimes literally) and the fun we should be enjoying. To the extent of reaching 41 degrees Celsius weather heat...

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Cafe Soul Hwa Dessert Hub

In today’s Korean fever era where boys and girls are fan of kpop fashion, shows and celebrities, here comes a Korean dessert you will surely love. Bingsu – A super fine ice shaved ice cream mixed or topped with...

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