Let's Celebrate Love! How will you celebrate your Valentine's Day with the person you love?

by - Thursday, February 09, 2017

Sassyzeal valentines day

Valentine’s day, aside from the fact that it is recognized as a significant cultural and commercial celebration in many regions around the world, it is a very special day for most of the people on earth as we celebrate LOVE!

Where the idea of Valentine’s Day originated?

Do you know the origin of Valentine’s Day? Let’s have a quick interesting fact about Valentine’s Day before anything else!

Valentine’s day or Saint valentines Day actually originated in Western Christian Liturgical feast honouring one of more saints named Valentinus. Martydom stories associated with the various Valentines that were connected to February 14 were added to later martyrologies including the account of Saint Valentin of Rome. He was imprisoned due to performing wedding rites for soldiers who were forbidden to marry. he was also ministering to Christians who were persecuted under the Rome Empire. There was a time where Saint Valentine healed the daughter of his jailer and before his execution he wrote a letter signed with farewell "Your Valentine" In 14th century, valentine is associated with romantic love when the tradition of love flourished. In 18th century, in England, it evolved into a occasion in which lovers expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers, confectionery and sending greeting cards. Since 19th century, handwritten valentines have given way to mass-produced greeting cards. In Europe, Saint valentine's Keys are given to lovers as a romantic symbol and invitation to unlock the giver's heart. 
Well, thanks to saint valentine for the spirit of love spread all over the world up to present!

How Filipinos Celebrate Valentine’s day?

Sassyzeal valentines day hongkong

We really can’t hide the fact that Filipinos are really romantic in nature by all means. In fact, according to survey, Filipinos among Asians are the ones most into Valentine ’s Day. So it is not surprising to see fully booked restaurants, movie houses and hotels during Valentine’s day, worst they can even get fully booked beforehand.

Flowers and chocolates are the most well-known presents during Valentine ’s Day. If you visited Dangwa during the love month, you’ll see a busy crowd of romantic guys buying the most special flower arrangement for his girl, some girls hoarding flowers for Valentines banquets and events or  busy vendors arranging pre-ordered flower packages for couples getting married on the most romantic day of the year.

Some couples choose to spend the night over a movie date, so if you failed to purchase movie ticket in advance, be ready to queue in a long line of people.

Some couples prefer to celebrate it on a fine dining restaurant and some choose to prepare a candle-lighted dinner at home or in the hotel.

Some couples find this day a perfect time to get away from the busy Metro and spend Valentine’s Day in an out of town date. Count me in!

How will I celebrate Valentine’s day with the person I love the most?

Sassyzeal valentines day prenup

I can say that I am one of millions of romantic people in the world who are really fond of Romance, Love, cupid, red, destiny and everything about Valentines! I and my ex-boyfriend really used to celebrate Valentine ’s Day on different ways each year. 

This year is the second Valentine’s Day we will have after our wedding and we believe that this should be the last time we will celebrate as a couple. You know why? We are planning to have a little one this year! (And hopefully, by next year’s Valentine ’s Day, we will celebrate as family. Hurray for that!)  So, it would be perfect if we get out of the busy city, relax and enjoy the Valentine’s together out of town!  We will spend our Valentine ’s Day in Bacolod, Philippines!

First in my list is to visit “The Ruins”. Little did I know, this well-known destination in Bacolod has a story to tell on a Valentine’s Day. The Ruins is the Taj-Mahal of Negros. It is built by an endless love and longingness of a husband for his wife and tied their children in memory of their mother. The Ruins is the symbol of love of Don Mariano to his late wife died on slipping in the bathroom who was pregnant of their 11th child. Out of grief, Don Mariano dedicated his self on building a mansion for his wife. Though the story is heartbreaking as Donya Maria died, it is very inspiring to know that there was still that kind of unconditional love where even the wife died, the husband still dedicates his life to love his one and only wife for the rest of his life. How I wish, as we visit that place, it will impart us the value of loving our spouses endlessly.

Sassyzeal valentines day the ruins

Aside from the ruins, we included in our itinerary the Lakawon Resort, Tawhai Floating Bar and Campuestohan Highland Resort. On our second day in Bacolod, on the 14th, we will have a candle lighted dinner in Campuestohan Restaurant and then spend the rest of the night bonding and reminiscing our moments as a couple beside a Bon Fire. During Valentine’s Day, we used to talk about how we will improve our relationship, how we can avoid conflicts and arguments and our future plans. We find it romantic to tackle how we can grow as a couple and how we can chase our dreams together.

Sharing our Itinerary not in detailed:

Day 1: Lakawon Resort and Tawhai Floating Restautant

Sassyzeal valentines day lakawon

Lakawon Resort (Photo from Lakawon Resort Website)

Sassyzeal valentines day lakawon

Lakawon Resort (Photo from Lakawon Resort Website)

Sassyzeal valentines day lakawon

Lakawon Resort (Photo from Lakawon Resort Website)

Sassyzeal valentines day tawhai
Tawhai Floating Bar from Website

Day 2: Campuestohan Highland Resort overnight(Too huge to spend a day)
Sassyzeal valentines day campuestuhan

Campuestohan Highlands Resort

Sassyzeal valentines day campuestuhan

Campuestohan Highlands Resort

Sassyzeal valentines day campuestuhan
Campuestohan Highlands Resort

Day 3: Mambukal Resort, Explore Talisay Heritage Houses and The Ruins.

Sassyzeal valentines day campuestuhan

The Ruins

To complete my ever prepared itinerary and to get rid of dilemma of not having a hotel booked due to high demand and hype, I see to it that I booked hotel in advance for our Valentine’s day for 2017! And of course, through my personally and nation-wide trusted hotel and resort booking site.

We have booked a hotel in Bacolod two weeks in advance through Travelbook.ph link below: 

How we celebrated Valentine’s Day on past years?

Forgive me for not so good quality of photos years ago.

Year 2009, my ex-boyfriend, who now is my husband, surprised me in front of manila Cathedral Church with a Carousel with scattered flowers all around and he tour me around Intramuros with bouquet of flowers.

Sassyzeal valentines day intramuros

Year 2010, my husband surprised me with a bulk of personally arranged balloon and this cutie stuff toy and sang me a song. Cheezy!

Sassyzeal valentines day stuff toy

Year 2011, we had a fine dinning dinner in Resorts World Manila and a movie night.
Sassyzeal valentines day resorts world

Year 2012The first time I attempted to bake cupcakes and create creative frosting and designs for my surprise to my husband which turned into business. We had a buffet dinner in Midas Hotel.

Sassyzeal valentines day midas hotel

Sassyzeal valentines day cupcake

Sassyzeal valentines day midas hotelSassyzeal valentines day cupcake

Year 2013, We were so much busy with our Milkshake and Snack Stall, so he just went to my office, gave me bouquet of flowers and gift. I do the same and we just celebrated post valentines in Bali Tagaytay.

Sassyzeal valentines day bali tagaytay

Year 2014, I gave him a photobook compilation of our travel journey and went to 888 Resort the following weekend.We had our enjoy kwentuhan and kulitan to the max, dine in Authentic Korean Restaurant and the next day went to Isdaan Floating restaurants, did Photo ops and dine!

Sassyzeal valentines day 88 resort

Sassyzeal valentines day 88 resort

Sassyzeal valentines day 88 resort

Sassyzeal valentines day 88 resort

Sassyzeal valentines day palaisdaan

Year 2015, we just had a date in BGC. No much preparations as this year was the most busy year for us for our wedding preparation.

Year 2016, is the first valentines we had as a married couple, we celebrated in Ace Water Spa as relaxation and checked in the hotel at night. Had dinner at steak house and was surprised by a romantic room set up with flower petals, candles and gifts on bed. I gave him a phone as a gift.

Sassyzeal valentines day ace water spa Sassyzeal valentines day ace water spa

Sassyzeal valentines day ace water spa
Sassyzeal valentines day ace water spa

Sassyzeal valentines day ace water spa

Sassyzeal valentines day ace water spa

These are the memories we will treasure the most the rest of our lives. It's not actually where you go, how you celebrated it and what you did that counts, It is actually how much quality time you spent with your love one!

Singles! Don’t be sad, remember that Valentines Day is not only for in love couples but also for all folks who expresses any kind of love towards anyone! You can still have a date with your mom! Your dad or siblings, a group date maybe or try a blind date! But always remember that the most special kind of love that we should celebrate not only on a valentines day but all the day of our lives is the greatest love we received from Jesus Christ our savior. 

John 3:16 - For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believe on him should not perish, but have eternal life. 


How about you? How will you celebrate your Valentine's Day with the person you love? Share us your story!

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