A taste of Italy: Italianni’s Restaurant

by - Monday, October 31, 2016


Must know about Italianni’s
Italianni’s is dedicated to the search of the best family recipe in Italy. The best recipes are passed through generations up to date. They named the recipe after the family name of those who generously shared theirs to Italianni’s. This is how they thank those families for sharing the story of their dishes. Like Lasagna de Biancini. Biancini family used to prepare this lasagna recipe for their most special celebrations. Now, I understand why each of the dishes in Italianni’s is so special. It is because the dishes are the taste of a true family story, love and passion.


The taste of Italy experience at Italianni’s Restaurant
Starting a meal with complimentary Foccacia and Tuscan Bread with olive oil and Balsamic vinegar while waiting for main courses to be served.

Since I knew that they serve really big sizes and good enough for two, We ordered one lunch size Fettuccine beef Ragu Pasta, Tender BBQ Ribs and Chicken Sicilian Salad.


In every restaurant, the main thing to measure is the food quality they serve. I’ve been to Italianni’s for several times and the reason I patronize this restaurant is the great satisfaction they are giving me. The awesome food taste and big servings!

I like the combination of olive oil and balsamic vinegar on the Foccacua and Tuscan bread they serve while we are waiting for the orders.


 Fettuccine Beef Ragu (P 495) : Fettuccine tossed in Italian Beef Ragu. The beef itself is very flavorsome!  We order lunch size set and it is god enough for the two of us.


Tender BBQ Ribs served with Rice (P 495)  Served with Rice and mixed vegetables. Very tender inside!



Sicilian Salad with Chicken chunks (Best Seller Salad) (P 450 + 75 Additional Chicken) 
Chicken breast, romaine, mangoes, red grapes,walnuts tossed in creamy anchovy dressing.


Peach Mango Drink (P 145) It taste like a lemon water mixed with peach and mango at the bottom to sip.


Ambiance is so cosy, cool and relaxing. This kind of place is what I am looking for, no noise, no crowd, just us and some! We get to appreciate the beauty of a night sky highlighted by tiny lights of building from afar and dazzling colorful lights of this building.



This is the front of the restaurant; we opted to sit outdoor so we can see the fountain and the night. 


The ambiance is very homey. I like the lighting and mood. 
The feeling of just relax, "no rush"! It gave us the time to talk and catch up with each others matters like what happened in the office, our short term future plans like vacation and I talked about how my birthday surprise for him goes, my plans and funny story I went through about the gopro that I bought for him! 


This kind of moment is what I can consider quality time and most of the time, the place were we are, matters, so both of us will be comfortable and relax!

This is our view while having of dinner. Table facing buildings, fountain and dark starry sky! :)

I love it! I love it! Lets add with a refreshing drink! Feel the calmness and coolness...

There is a ceiling fan that neutralizes the natural blow of wind and added accent to an old Italian style restaurant. It gives a homey feeling. We were seated in a half round couch, so relaxing!
Oh my gosh! Say no to the classical romantic music playing! It boosts the romantic mood of the night.
Be astonished by the dancing fountain with mood lights and sounds.The unique thing is that, there’s a real fire effect you can see and can feel the warm.

This is the view from the balcony. Dancing fountain with mood lights and fire.


The best thing I like there is the place is very secluded. I am not sure if it’s because we went there during weekday night or it is really always like that.

The birthday boy!


Italianni’s provided a good quality service to customers! They immediately attended us upon entering their restaurant, provided us menu book and complimentary appetizer. They always check if we need something. At the middle of our stay, they offered us to reheat the food as it might not warm already by that time. Kudos to their staffs!

PRICE: The price is fair enough as they provided a worth quality food and big servings.


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