Let kids be kids and let grown ups be fit!

by - Monday, August 22, 2016

Who says playing is just for kids? No way! Actually, adults need it more! De-stress yourselves and get some dose of Adrenalin rush while having fun in the newest all-age play pen and fitness gym in Trampoline Park, Zero Gravity Zone at the The Portal Greenfield District, Mandaluyong.

From its the popularity in US, Bangkok, Hongkong and Singapore, Mark Hogsden  (the founder) brought Trampoline Park in the Philippines.

www.sassyzeal.com Trampoline Park PHwww.sassyzeal.com Trampoline Park PH

Trampoline benefits to Adult

Actually, it is not only the fun that you could get. Jumping and bouncing in variety of Trampoline benefits your body fitness, muscles and bones. 

Burn up to 1,000 calories an hour in Trampoline!

Gravity Fitness is a low-impact, healthy fun that that combines calisthenics, core exercises and strength-building aerobics.

Gravity Fitness is one of the most dynamic, effective and active workouts you can get.

This colorful tons of foam is what they call "Foam Pit". You can dive in on hundreds or thousands of colorful cube foam and enjoy the fun! 

Well, if you think, this really looks for fun only, you are getting it wrong. Because striving to walk, crawl toward the edge requires muscle work as well. So it's some kinda exercise for my leg muscle as well. 
www.sassyzeal.com Trampoline Park PH

 Trampoline benefits to kids

www.sassyzeal.com Trampoline Park PHKids in our era, stays at home all day during vacation playing computer games, toddler tablet apps and watching television. Wherein they supposedly be playing with other kids and activating their gross motor skills helping their entire body and mind development. 

www.sassyzeal.com Trampoline Park PH

By bringing your kids in Trampoline Park, you are letting the kids be kids with the freedom to shout, jump, run, hop and skip! (With proper guidance).

Trampoline Park also offers different programs such as Gravity Fitness, Trampoline workout classes, Dance Fitness Craze, Aerial Dodge Ball every Wednesday and Thursday 1PM - 5PM, Membership Program and even cater as Kiddie Party Venue and many more!


www.sassyzeal.com Trampoline Park PHwww.sassyzeal.com Trampoline Park PH

Dodge Ball

www.sassyzeal.com Trampoline Park PHwww.sassyzeal.com Trampoline Park PH


www.sassyzeal.com Trampoline Park PH


www.sassyzeal.com Trampoline Park PH

Reception Area of Trampoline Park, Zero Gravity, The Port, Greenfield

You need to watch safety video and rules and regulation before entering the trampoline are.
Locker is provided for P20 rental fee. Please take note that there is no close door locker for your things.

www.sassyzeal.com Trampoline Park PH 

Grip socks is required and is available for P100.


Trampoline Park, Zero Gravity is located at The Port, Greenfield District, Mandaluyong

Opening hours:

Monday to Thursday : 12PM - 9PM
Friday : 12PM - 10 PM
Saturday : 9AM - 10PM
Sunday : 9AM - 9PM

Rates/ Entrance Fee:

Regular rate is 320 per hour.
We bought 2 ticket for 2 hours each which should be 640 per head.
But! Since we need to be wise in trying things out, we bought vouchers from Metrodeal which costs us P 240 per head for 2 hours! 

Live life to the fullest smartly!

Trampoline Park Ph Video

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