Cebu Getaway!

When I think of “great beaches”, It is always Boracay, Bohol, Palawan and Cebu which comes into my mind. This summer, my destination is Cebu!!! I heard that there are lots of fun and exciting things to do in Cebu and most specially, there are plenty of mouth watering foods to try there.
Just to share our experience, we don’t have prepared itinerary upon going there and the disadvantages are:

1.      We didn’t maximize our time there on our first day. We were expecting that upon arrival to the hotel, there will be travel agencies that would offer tours just like in Palawan. Unfortunately, there was none. So we decided to go on our own via cab.
2.      We spent much time in deciding where to go first and how. On the spot researching was hassle.

3.      There was the possibility of exceeding to allotted budget. Since, we didn’t have a prepared itinerary. Our system here was “go with the flow”. Anywhere we think we can go without the awareness of how much we would spend. Another thing was the transportation budget would double. Like what happened to us. We arrived at 8am in the morning in Mactan then rode a cab going to the hotel in Cebu City. Our taxi bill costs P 260 plus, so we gave P 350. Then later on, we went back to Lahug for Food Trip searching.

Anyway, that was just a sort of learning, the most important is, overall, we really did enjoy the whole trip!


Here is our Itinerary:

First day:
Arrival at Mactan Airport
Duty Free Shopping
Arrival to Crown Regency
Food Trip at The walk, Asia Town I.T Park Lahug, Cebu City
Swimming at Crown Regency
Sky walk Experience
Day 2:
Crown Regency breakfast Buffet
Beach hopping
Mactan and Cebu City Tour
Food trip at night

Day 3
Crown Regency Breakfast Buffet
Departure from Mactan, Cebu

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