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We paid for:

ENTRANCE FEE:   P 200.00 / head
For SMAC holder: P 160.00 / head

Updated Entrance fee as of November 2012:P 250
SMAC holder: 20% off

TIP: If you have an SM Advantage Card, bring this and often review your privileges.  Some partner establishments are not posting that they offer promo/ discount for privilege card holder on their cashier. Like in our case, we weren’t aware that we are entitled a 20 % discount on Residence Inn entrance fee if we did not tell them that we saw it in SMAC (SM Advantage Card privilege catalogue). 20 % discount is somewhat a saving.

Residence Inn looks wider outside than the actual parameter inside. In front of Residence Inn, you will see a large stable with several horses inside. It is situated at the center of a round green field.

 Entering Residence Inn, you will first see a cab in the lobby. The purpose if it is for the visitor’s to personally get in touch with the cab, put it on their lap and take some picture for souvenir. If you have your own camera, you will need to pay P25.00 or P50.00 I think, for you to have the cab on your lap. (I can’t remember the actual price because I did not want to move even closer to the cab because I'm afraid of it).

 Then at the right side of the entrance, there is a Photo booth, where you can buy pictures per package (taken picture of you with the animals inside the zoo). It cost for about P199.00 pet set.

At the lobby, there are two directions, If you will turn left, you will be directed to Bird feeding area, Mini Safari, Movie are, Restaurant, Magic Showing Area, Zipline and residence Inn overview. Going straight ahead to the covered area, you will see, fishes on lots of aquarium, reptiles on a maze-like way and will find the python shown on the picture below at the exit door. Though, these directions are separate way, both will bring you to Restaurant / Zipline and Magic showing area. They are all connected.

Here are some of the animals we saw in the zoo, mostly, tigers:

We can actualy move closer as this to the tigers. Just be sure not to reach your hand to them.

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  1. Enjoyed our recent visit there, hope you don't mind me sharing.

  2. My friends and I are planning to go here..yay! excited! We're from the Visayas.
    I read your post about the Picnic Grove, is it near from the Residence Inn? How can we get there? and from Picnic Grove, where can we go and ride a vehicle going back to Manila? Hope to hear from you the soonest. Thank you very much.

  3. @Anonymous - Im sorry for the late reply. I was not able to visit this for several months. But if in case you'll be needing this info in the future. I'll still revert to you :)

    "Picnic Grove, is it near from the Residence Inn? "
    Picnic Grove is not that near from Residence Inn, but you can still go here from that point by ridding a tricycle from Picnic grove going to the Rotonda or Olivarez Plaza, then from Olivarez, find a bus going to Nasugbo Batngas. Better ask the driver to drop you to Residence Inn.

    From Manila to Residence Inn, you may see this post for complete information -

    From Picnic Grove, where can we go and ride a vehicle going back to Manila -
    From Picnic Grove, ride a tricycle going to Olivarez Plaza. You can find bus going to Manila from there.:)

    Hope this helps even too late!
    Thanks for reading my blog! Godbless

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