MUST DO: Magic Show @ Residence Inn and Kids Field Trip

by - Monday, November 05, 2012

What I like about this zoo is that, they have tailored program for their visitors. During the day that we visited this place, there was also scheduled kid’s excursion. In a certain part of the Residence Inn, there is open auditorium-like area where the kids and moms can sit. The management conducted a program that both kids and moms/parents enjoyed. They prepared games and educational trivia about pets that they have showed to the kids. The first part of the program, they asked four volunteer moms to come on mini stage. They called some staff at the back of the stage to bring the first animal they wanted to introduce to the audience. Surprisingly, it was Franz (the python) who came out. They let the four moms to carry Franz while the emcee is telling information about this python. I admired these moms because they were not afraid of Franz unlike me. Then they thank and gave prizes to moms who participated. The next participants were kids. Three kids get in front and then three animals were also called from the backstage. 

Dancing Robots pulled me from the audience and asked me to join them do the fun. At the end of the show, the Residence Inn production Manager gave a token of appreciation for being "So Cool" -- as he said ! and being part of that production number hahah! ( I just don't want to be kill joy anyway) FREE ZIP LINE EXPERIENCE!!! Plus perks and privilege cards to all zoo and amusement under zoomanity group of companies. haha!! (I don't know If I will feel excited as they announced that! because I am really afraid of Zip Line!! I was shocked) But then of course, I am very thankful that aside from letting us enjoy in Residence Inn, they did appreciate and treated their guest well.  Thank you Residence inn!! Such a great experience.

Aside from magic show and dancing robots, Residence Inn also provides educational trip to kids. They do discuss all about the animals in the zoo, trivia and their history.

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